All About The Latest Update: Infants, Bug Fixes & More

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Sims 4 is getting better and better! Here is all you need to know about the latest changes for the base game and game packs, as well as the bug fixes we all needed. Let’s dive into it!

sims 4 infant update

Here it is, the new Sims 4 update! As previously teased, we got infants and many more fun new stuff and interactions for the base game. On top of that, Growing Together, the long awaited new expansion pack is about to knock on our doors in a matter of hours. But, that’s not all.

The Sims 4 team has worked hard to fix some important bugs so that we can get the most out of what the game offers. The news about the update is here! This is what you need to know about these novelties, and bug fixes.

RECAP: the Base Game Infants Update

infant update sims 4

Yesterday we got a new Base Game update – infants! The update impacts every Sim in the game but brings the most novelty for the youngest Sims. These are the highlights:

1. newborns and toddlers are better!

Since we have infants now, there is no need for newborns to stay newborns for so long. Although this life stage is shortened, newborns are also leveled up. There are more interactions with them, they have temperaments, and can get dressed up for the very first time, ever! Newborns are not the only ones who got chic clothes. We can also dress up infants in CAS just like we do toddlers, with accessories and all! 

2. Better genetics and parenthood

baby update

Sims who are preying to become parents can now step into that important role, not only by trying for a baby, or adopting, but also use the power of science. The “Have Babies With The Power of Science’’ interaction is a novelty that lets pairs and singles!

Genetics are improved. You’ll immediately know what eye color and skin tone they will have when they grow up. Since toddlers are not the youngest editable Sims, infants are at the earliest stage in the game now for picking personality traits. Plus, there are new realistic skin details for sims of all ages. You can now add birthmarks, moles, and even stretch marks and C-section scars for adults. To keep everything gender-neutral, you can now pick whether your Sim can produce milk under the gender options in CAS.

Keep the youngest safe is easier for parents, thanks to the new baby-proof door and fence locks. You get to control who can come in and out!

3. realistic interactions for all family members

sims 4 infants

Newborns and infants are not passive family members, and all other Sims, even toddlers, can connect with them. Sims can now hold newborns between reactions, which adds a nice realistic touch to caring for babies. 

Caring for the youngest Sims requires special conditions. So, we get a bunch of new stuff in the build mode, from cribs and high chairs to interactive toys and decor for them. It’s easier and more fun to socialize and interaction categories make much more sense now. There are 19 new interaction sections that are neatly organized to help you better navigate interactions. 

Kids now have access to some adult skills and can start building them early and continue developing them in adulthood. 

bug fixes for the base game, packs & kits

Infants, new interactions, and options for newborns are not the only novelty. Also, the base game is not the only segment of the Sims 4 that’s getting better. There are a bunch of improvements across various packs and kits, that will impact how we play. These are small improvements, but mighty ones. Many options are improved, from furniture functionality to interactions and CAS changes. Here is what’s new:

general Base Game bug fixes

There are a few significant functional changes for the base game. We’ve listed below what’s new in CAS, how objects are improved, adn what’s new for toddlers infants adn kids. Here are some more general ones.

  • No more resetting and interrupting intimate moments with random chats!
  • Input performance for the relationship panel is improved for console players 
  • You can track Total Wants Completed in Sim Stats!
  • If you have a male Sim with masculine clothing preference, you will see the Swimwear category instead of the Swimwear and Swimsuits category. 
  • Family members won’t bother you as much with silly questions! Your Sim will get fewer calls from relatives asking them about trying to have a baby. 
  • Fear of Dead End Jobs and Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams won’t appear so often. When they do, it will make more sense. 
  • Neighborhood stories are tweaked to welcome fewer newborns.
  • You should have no trouble when moving with twins to a new lot from now on.  
  • Not sure what’s the benefit of the new skill you are learning? You’ll get notified about the benefits of every skill you learn via skill text notifications

improved object functionality

  • Have you ever put a Sim to sleep, only to discover they didn’t even get into bed because of some obstacle? You’ll now get notified when they can’t reach bed, so you can intervene on time. 
  • Food in a fridge container will last longer. 
  • All showers that support singing interaction now have the Singing Skill tool tip
  • Shadow is now decent for fences, stairs and gates
  • Sim can differentiate an outdoor mailbox from a wall mailbox. Books will be sent to the published in the proper, outdoor mailbox. 
  • Wanna get better at dancing? You can efficiently use Mirror to practice Daning! In fact, you can level up Debating, Acting, and Dancing when you practice in the Mirror!
  • Tech Guru live streaming won’t reset Sims.
  • Wanna take a nap? Sims will scoop often when made to take a nap on a double and single bed. The same applies to sitting. 

What’s improved in CAS?

  • We are getting more options for Decor Likes and Dislikes in CAS! Sims can now choose one of the following decor preferences: art deco, industrial, holidays, events, luxe, shabby decor, and vintage decor!
  • The Likes and Dislikes panel won’t collapse anymore when you try to randomize likes and dislikes
  • Tired of the inconsistency when picking hair swatches in CAS? Not anymore! You’ll have a similar hair swatch palette for different ages and hairdos.
  • Love the ymBody_JumpSuitLongSleve? Male Sims can now rock it, too! 
  • Styled looks will seem more natural from now on. Things that make a Sim stand out, like hairstyles, eye color, facial hair, or brows will remain the same.
  • Cheek scars thumbnails look better.
  • Changes in clothes options are CAS menu for toddlers
  • Skin details will always be visible, no matter what your Sim wears. However, make sure to select them in the Everyday Outfit category for infants, toddlers, and children.
  • The underwear category for kids is aligned with their clothing preferences

Improvements and fixes for infants, toddlers and kids

infant update
  • There was a bug where the newborn skin tone didn’t match the tone on household portraits and in the skewer. This is now fixed, and the newborn will look the same in photos and live mode. The skin tones of babies will truly match the parent’s skin tones.
  • Toddlers will be taken care of at Daycare from now on, instead of being left on their own devices.
  • Play With 3 Toys goal of the Artistic Prodigy aspiration now also counts as playing with stuffed toys. 
  • Toddlers used to dis high chairs most of the time, but this is improved. If their needs are fulfilled they won’t mind them that much. However, be careful not to leave them sitting for too long as they will want to get out.
  • Only aliens can now use alien diapers.
  • Toddlers can now pick up toys from under bookcases.
  • Caregivers won’t abandon queued activities all the time to check on toddlers. Instead, there will be a more natural shift of focus.
  • When Searching for Stuffed Animals option expect more stuffed animals, even when they look stuffed, but are made of plastic
  • The problem where toddlers can’t interact with relatives after traveling is fixed. 
  • Toddlers can now run around with Run Around interaction! If toddlers used to run around non-stop, this won’t bother you anymore. 
  • Sims can now kneel or stand for Read to Child interaction
  • You’ll now have nicely matched nursery wall decorations with improved color
  • Toddlers asking for Book Help when they are bigger than 3 spaces is improved. The help will be properly provided to the toddler.

cats & dogs

  • Ultra speed works as it should. Now it’s super fast.
  • From now on, if you want to, you can command your cats and dogs to Be Nice To… other cats and dogs. Good manners go a long way, even for pets!
  • Small pets should have no trouble routing under dining tables. This wasn’t the case for some time, but it’s now more than possible.

Discover University

  • If your Sim is not ready for the lawyer’s exam yet, you can now Try Passing the Lwayer’s Exam first, instead of being doomed from the start.
  • It makes no sense to get a mixology certificate every time a sim attends a skill class, right? Well, now if your Sim can Sit In on Skill Classes they will be rewarded with a certificate that matches the skill.

eco lifestyle

  • Confused about what is and what isn’t an off-grid object? Let doubts go down the drain! All off-grid objects will now be clearly labeled!
  • Trying to upgrade hot tubs with water recycler via eco parts? Your Sim will know what to do automatically!
  • Don’t quite understand the language of maker mentors? You’ll see a change in their speech bubbles soon!

My wedding Stories

  • No matter if you are organizing a wedding via phone or calendar, the wedding event planner menu will function as it should. No more staring into the blue nothingness!
  • You can now schedule weddings on holidays in the calendar! Yay!
  • Choosing a bouquet in Finish, Norwegian, and Sweedish now has fewer mid-word line breaks.


  • Oh, the freaky Agave Abode Wahroom! Fear it no more, as it won’t trap Sims or close in on you anymore. 
  • Toddlers who wear puBody_GP12OnesieWolf can now pair it with shoes without all that ripping thing and feet poking. 
  • The Full Moon Dream buff icon won’t be the same! It’s coming soon, improved, and looking better than ever.
  • Do Sims look kinda pixelized when they turn into beasts? Well, no more pixel deformation for pre-made Sims and households when they are in their beastily form.  

other changes across packs

  • Bathroom Clutter Kit – Wall decals won’t disappear anymore if you view them from behind. 
  • Cottage Living – Cross a wooden bridge and you’ll hear real wood creaking! 
  • Get Famous – No more distorted shoes for Sims who wear shades of  ymBottom_EP06PantsVinyl_SolidBlack
  • Island Living – Marine Biologist uniform looks better than ever, and these professionals have new matching shoes. Plus, no more missing leg sections for yfShoes_SP26CalfBoot_2ToneBrownBlack for lower graphics
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack – Knitwear has more colors! 
  • Realm of Magic – Tired of seeing randomized Sims get curs warts? You’ll deal with this no more.
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu – No more Moonbathing for Sims while on Batuu. 
  • Vampires – Ex Vampires can now sleep more than 3 hours. Finally, some rest! 

New Infant CC for the Sims 4!

Infant’s T Shirt by FatalRoseCreations

infant cc

We just had to include this piece of cc for you lovely newborns! The swatches included are super cute. Here’s your download link.

Camila Curls for Infants by Kiara Zurk

image 65

Here’s your download link.

final words

These refreshments and updates mean the world and will improve how we play. We didn’t only get a new life stage, but also many tiny improvements and tweaks that improved the functionality of objects and the quality of interactions. Enjoy these novelties and happy simming!