No More “Loose Tooth” – Sims 4 Update for PC/Mac & Workaround for Console!

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Author: Lina

If you’ve been playing the Sims 4 recently, particularly the latest Sims 4 patch update, you may have or have not, noticed something odd about Sims changing appearance ever so randomly. You have not done it in CAS, and that’s certainly not how the game works. They don’t just go from a goth look to a mismatched Hannah Montana style outfit.

loose tooth feature
Loose Tooth feature now disabled for PC/Mac – Workaround provided for Console!

So, what’s the issue here?

Well, if your Sim lost a tooth growing up, it’s very likely that this has happened to you. Your Sim’s skin color might have changed, or their clothes have become different or even their hairstyle. But worry not! The Sims developers have completely disabled the “Loose Tooth” feature now, so you could enjoy your game bug-free, without needing to intentionally avoid doing anything!

New Patch for PC/Mac – Console Users crying in the corner? Workaround Provided!

For those playing on PC/Mac, you don’t have to worry about this bug anymore. We will no longer experience a lost tooth ruining the course of our gameplay – dramatizing it much? The feature is now removed until further notice.

If you’re playing on PlayStation or Xbox, we feel you and we love you. Though the feature hasn’t been removed yet, a simple workaround has been provided to help out!

Here’s what EA_Cade, a Sims community lead, had to say about it:

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So, in a simple fashion of words, if your Sim has a loose tooth, help them pull it out immediately 😉! Otherwise, they might just become someone you don’t know…

Unhappy with the update? We want the loose tooth feature back!

If you’re unhappy that the Sims developers removed that feature instead of fixing the bug, worry not. The loose tooth removal is only temporary – it’s only disabled until further notice. They’re currently working on a fix, so hopefully we’ll have it back as soon as possible, better than ever.

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