New Update and Expansion Pack Are Almost Here! All About Infants & Growing Together

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Have you heard? The new base game update and expansion pack are just about to be released and excitement is through the roof! Read on to find all you need to know about the never-seen-before game changes that will rock your world.

growing together expansion pack

News from the Sims 4 livestream: New update and expansion pack are here!

Hey fellow Simmers! How are you? We are stoked! March is a big month for all of us. The Sims 4 team had a spectacular live stream showing us new updates for the base game and new expansion pack. We were really on our toes after the latest teaser. Mark these two March days on your calendar:

  • The base game update will happen on March 14th
  • The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack will be released on March 16th!

Based on what we saw in the livestream, both the update and the pack exceeded expectations, and there is a lot coming up that will change the Sims 4 forever. Many things in the game won’t ever be the same, and we mean this in the best possible way.

There is a LOT to unpack here. We believe you are as excited as we are, so let’s jump into it right away!

Feel free to watch the replay here!

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The Sims 4 Infant Update & Growing Together Livestream!

Free Base Game Update – Infants are here!

We have a new, long-awaited update coming on March 14th, and it’s all about a new life stage – infants! This means that besides newborns and toddlers, we’ll have a whole new in-between stage. It comes with a set of behaviors and developmental characteristics that bridge the gap between the two stages perfectly.

What we are talking about is a base game free update, so every Simmer will be able to enjoy the blessings of having infant cutie pies in the game very, very soon. Although infants are a base game update, you’ll also notice little changes and adaptations for the new life stage across expansion packs and even kits. Let’s dissect everything!

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So, what are infants like?

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Because this is the in-between stage, they will be more mobile and independent than newborns, but far clumsier than toddlers. They are very included in the family dynamic and can interact with every household member, from toddlers to elders, and even pets if you have them. Besides being adorable and wiggly, they are every much in sync with their environments, have personality traits, and feel sad and mistrustful when neglected.

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The update doesn’t only bring us the new life stage, but also everything that’s needed for raising a happy infant. This includes practical things, such as toys and cute beds, but also a bunch of cool details for decorating the nursery room. There will be cool new stuff in CAS, and a bunch of new incredible interactions for caretakers and other family members.

New adorable Infant Essentials in Build/Buy

Infants require special care and a fully-adapted environment that ensures safe development. The Sims 4 team has prepared a whole set of furniture and decor essentials for this new important stage. Cute lamps, cradles, cribs, upgradable infant beds, travel cribs you can put into the inventory, llamas, toys, rugs with colorful prints, and adorable bookshelves are just some of the new details.

image 24

We have a lot of pastel and colorful swatches coming up, and because safety comes first, we’ll even get playpens that we can customize and build just like fences. These can be locked so that the little one doesn’t wander off, which is awesome. Skills can be learned at this stage, so there are new sensory toys for skill development, some of which have audio effects: a squeaky toy, a kinder rattle, and a koala plushy.

cool Novelties in cAS

Much like toddlers, infants can be dressed up in CAS. You can fully customize them like any other Sim, style their hair, pick accessories, and clothes, and even give them baby teeth, and baby helmets. You can pick their casual, formal, nighttime, and party outfits, as well as looks for hot and cold weather. Not everything is about appearance, so every infant can have a special infant personality trait.

There are six you can choose from, all of which will impact how trusting, open, or reserved they are with their environment. These are: cautious, sensitive, calm, intense, wiggly, and sunny. Chose calm, and you’ll have very little resistance from them, but chose intense, expect to see them rebel and cry frequently.

Other age groups will get some novelties, too. The Sims 4 team has added a set of customizable birthmarks and skin details to make Sims look more realistic. Expect to see stretch marks and C-section scars on adults, and birthmarks for every Sim, from infant to elder.

To make everything more real and inclusive, there is also a new option in gender preferences, where you can choose whether or not a Sim can produce milk!

”have a science baby” option for pairs and singles

If you ever wanted to experiment with genetic material donors or surrogate moms, you will be able to do so from March 14th. Yep, test tube babies are here! The update features a new interaction that allows you to make a baby the science way for only $1,200. You can choose to ‘’Have a Science Baby’’ as a pair, or even do it as a single parent. But it does’t end there.

If your Sim wants to co-parent they can not only choose their SO, but also any other Sim they know, regardless of the other Sim’s gender. This means that you can call in your best friend to help ”make a baby”. So, if your Sim is single but desperate to become a parent, they can do it all alone. You should also be able to get twins this way! All of this gives so much to play with when creating unique storylines.

Newborns are better than ever!

Infants are not the only novelty. Newborns also look better than ever, and can now have the same skin tones as adult Sims, inherited eye color, and move more realistically. The interactions with them are more realistic, too.

Babies will be much more reactive to everything in their environment, so if they are hot, rest assured you’ll be notified as they’ll start crying in discomfort. Toddlers and children can now get close to the newborn, get to know the little brother or sister, and entertain them.

Since we have a newly added life stage, the newborn period is shorter, but all other stages last a bit longer.

Tenderness and care will go a long way

Once the game gets updated, you’ll notice that every interaction with infants has a lot of gentleness to it. This will be reflected in how Sims nurse their little ones, from feeding with an airplane spoon and kissing them goodnight, to bathing them in a baby bathtub seat and holding them.

Infants have the same needs as other Sims, but they are satisfied in a way that works for the age group. For example, to put them to sleep, you’ll have to soothe them or play a lullaby if you have an upgraded crib. Or, when satisfying hunger, you can choose a feeding preference for the infant and make either breastfeeding or bottle feeding their favorite. Infants can also be fed in high chairs.

They can eat healthy baby food like crushed carrots or pumpkin puree, feeding with an airplane technique. While exploring the world with all their senses, little ones will have a reaction to every meal you serve them, and you’ll see how much they love or hate it on their faces.

raise a happy infant by building a positive attachment style

Infants are incredibly sensitive to their environment, and the Sims 4 team has made sure to put a lot of emphasis on how little ones are cared for. As they have their first interactions with the world around them, infants and newborns will start forming their first behavioral patterns. Based on how their caretakers respond to their needs, they will develop positive or negative attachment styles.

Building attachments will result in special reward traits: Happy Infant ( if they developed a positive bond and trust other Sims), Top Notch(if they are very well cared for), or Unhappy Infant (if caregivers failed to establish trust and respond to their needs). You will always know how safe and cared for your little one feels thanks to special moodlets.

Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack

Buckle up, everyone, as this is a biggie! On March 16th, we are getting the long-awaited expansion pack, and it’s called Growing Together! The pack is all about relationships, family, and truly growing together. Everything is about bringing Sims closer, building memories, and celebrating every little milestone that different life stages bring.

The team went on to make all relationships deeper and more meaningful than ever before. No social interaction will be alike, as no two Sims will be alike. Relationships are becoming more nuanced because there is a new element of social compatibility and individuality that we have never seen before. This is especially true for familial connections.

Everything becomes more real, meaningful, but also more dramatic. Life is about to get more unpredictable for Sims, so be prepared for the unexpected!

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explore the brand new world of san sequoia!

image 14

San Sequoia is here! Speculations about the pack were true, and we got a brand new world, inspired by San Francisco, with a huge stunning bridge! There are three new neighborhoods in this bay area of Sims: Anchorpoint Wharf, Gilbert Gardens and Hopewell Hills. You’ll notice that community lots are more adapted to youngsters, so you’ll see details like changing tables or kids’ sections in a library.

image 15

If you are wondering if there is any correlation with sequoias, the answer is yes! Although you can’t see any of those huge trees in the modern day and age of San Sequoia, trust us when we say they used to be there! Look around the world for a gigantic tree stump as a proof (a little hint: check out Hopewell Hills). Now, onto the neighborhoods!

  • Hopewell Hills is a quiet suburban area across the bridge, ideal for families. Here, your Sims will get to enjoy a chill time by the marina with a bridge view, fishing in the pond, or enjoying family time with kids on the playground. The serene Hopewell Hills has two inhabited lots with two new families, a starter home, and one empty lot for you to build on.
  • Gilbert Gardens is a great place for family time. It has a beautiful lake you can fish and swim in, a splash park, and spacious park areas with walking traits. There is also a multipurpose Celebration center where Sims can do all kinds of stuff, from painting to exercising. There are three residential lots, too.
  • Anchorpoint Wharf is the most urban area in this world. Here your Sims can go to the movies and watch their favorite genre film, grab a snack at a food stand, or play the piano for the world to hear. Here you’ll also find a public library with a kids sector.

what’s new in cAS?

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Sims 4: Growing Togeter looks very promising when it comes to CAS outfits. We are about to get a bunch of new clothes for all Sims, including infants. Added styles vary from urban and modern, to vintage. Family members can also match outfits and wear coordinated patterns! There are new accessories and new hairstyles for Sims of all ages, such as new cute buns and braided hair. Sims will get body and face freckles, and you’ll also get a change to give them moles.

image 22

There are 4 new aspirations for children, so you will find them under Multi-Skill. These are Playtime Captain, Creative Genius, Mind and Body, and Slumber Party Animal. But, this is not all. There are three entirely new features CAS has never seen before, and these are the Family Dymanics, and two key social preferences, the Sims Characteristic and Conversation Topics that will alter how Sims socialize forever. Here is what they are all about:

image 21

Spice up relationships with new family dynamics!

Now Sims can autonomously have a bad relationship with their mother-in-law from the get-go if you want them to! Family dynamics is a new feature that will let you pre-set family dynamics with all family members while in CAS. You’ll get to tweak how Sims will interact one-on-one and determine the nature of their relationship. You’ll get a drop-down menu of dynamic options you can set between two Sims, such as supporting, jokester, or difficult, to name some.

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This will influence not only the autonomous behavior but also give them special buffs when interacting, motivate certain types of behaviors that reflect the dynamic, and impact social pie menus. So, if Sim have a jokester dynamic, they will be more likely to crack jokes and laugh together! The dynamics work even if Sims don’t live together. So, if your relationship with sisters is distant, don’t expect them to keep in touch that much.

Besides picking preferred dynamics in CAS, you’ll also be able to develop new ones depending on how Sims interact while in live mode. You’ll get pop-ups to confirm or deny thee. In the end, if you happen to dislike the nature of the relationship, you can always purchase a dynamic remover potion from the rewards store!

new Preferences for deeper interactions

Remember we mentioned that relationships will feel…more personal? Well, the pack brings us two new preference characteristics that will color every interaction based on personality traits likes, and dislikes. These are Sims Characteristics and Conversation Topics, and they will have a mighty impact on social compatibility.

  • Sims Characteristics are a blend of different combinations of personality traits and aspiration reward traits likes and dislikes from activity preferences and lifestyles (Snowy Escape). Some are available for all Sims, from children to elders, while others are reserved for teens and older. Sims will have personality archetypes that will impact how they vibe with others . Ultimate compatibility will then be calculated based on both Sim’s preferences. For example, if a Sim that loves Optimistic Sims will like interacting with Cheerful and Good, while avoiding Gloomy folks. You can select up to 50 likes and dislikes, so once the pack is out, try out different variations!
  • Conversation Topics determine what social actions Sims would like to have others perform on them. These don’t have to be positive, as Sims can like deception or even be approached with malicious intentions, but may dislike if someone tries to crack a joke. You get to decide who likes what, and that’s where the party’s at!

a bunch of new social interactions

The social pie menu is going to be richer than ever. Because the expansion pack revolves around family and socializing, there will be a lot of new custom interactions. Sims will get unique interactions based on their age, social preferences, whom they are interacting with, and based on their own quirky traits.

You’ll see how compatible or incompatible Sims are by checking the matching or mismatching puzzle icons in the relationships menu. No puzzle icon means they are neural. The more compatible they are, the faster they will befriend. The less compatible, the harder it will be for Sims to get along and build a quality relationship.

There is a lot more that can be done with newborns and toddlers, and toddlers will get to interact with infants which is a great way of bringing the youngest family members closer.

new cross-age social interactions

We’ve mentioned earlier that special interactions are getting more nuanced and more complex. One of the amazing novelties we’ll be seeing is cross-age interactions. Relationship gain and decay multipliers are changing based on the age and who is interacting with whom.

This means that everyone will have a new set of age-based interactions they can have with other Sims while they are at that stage of life. This is a base game improvement that aligns so well with the idea of infants and the theme of Growing Together.

Cross-age relationships are going to be different based on who are the Sims interacting. The Sims team has actually changed how fast or slow the relationship grows or decays depending on the age since adults naturally won’t relate to kids as well as other kids do, which is much more realistic.

friends can stay awhile with a new temporary stays system!

Ever needed a helping hand around the house or with kids? Well, thanks to the temporary stays system, you can invite a friend or a distant family member to stay awhile and live with your family for a few days! You can do it just because you miss them, as asking them to help out is optional.

Don’t be surprised if you see an old friend show up at your place with a suitcase. This system also brings surprises to your doorstep – literally. Just like you can invite others to stay temporarily, your Sims current or long-forgotten friends can ask to stay until they sort out their stuff. You can even get a visit from a long-lost family member! Visitors can stay from 1 to 6 days, and all will have unique behaviors, so you’ll enjoy the ride of uncertainty.

Newborns, infants and toddlers will have a lot of personality

Babies are complex creatures! This is why newborns will get temperaments, so some will be fussier while others will be calm babies. You’ll also get to change their outfits!

image 19

Besides personality traits you’d usually pick, there is a personality novelty for toddlers and infants that you can discover while in the game. This novelty is personality quirks, they will show aside the CAS-picked trait in the traits panel. Every toddler and infant can have up to 3 of these, and there are 18 of them in total for each of the two stages. These will come out randomly. This will add so much more depth to the personality of youngsters.

build memories with milestones

image 7

Life is about the get many layers for Sims of all ages, as we are just about to be introduced to milestones in a few days! No matter if it’s their first job, or nailing their first motor skill, the milestone timelines in the Simology panel will memorize all the important events.

Milestones are not there just to help you track developmental progress. They actually unlock some awesome behaviors, interactions, and even decor, such as a marriage certificate, diplomas, or baby hand print you can hang on a wall. As Sims step into the new life stage, they will have to discover new interactions instead of being able to do them right away. For example, infants will need to unlock and complete milestones to be able to sit properly. The more you work with the infant, the more cool stuff you’ll be able to do with them.

Milestones are completely age-appropriate. For example, kids will have loose teeth and have to pull them out as one of the milestones. They may even get some simoleons from the tooth fairy if they place it under the pillow.

Sims will ruminate randomly about milestone life events sometimes, too. All of this gives Sim’s life a much more realistic and smoother progression. It’s like a little history book of life that shows all the important details about important memories. Greyed-out ones will give you cues about what’s the next milestone the Sim should be aiming for.

Unexpected drama will complicate lives

Sims 4 as we know it used to be fairly predictable. However, this is about to change a little. Game creators have added a few external factors that bring unpredictability and real-life complications into Sims’s lives.

Adults Sims can go through a real mid-life crisis and find it difficult to enjoy their overly-settled, boring lives. They can get workplace rivals that make it difficult to get promoted despite building skills and successfully completing tasks. Just like us, Sims will get burnt out if they overwork themselves, so they will need to learn how to balance work and play. There are even layoffs at work, so be prepared to lose the job of your dreams you worked so hard at due to company changes!

You’ll get to build a child’s confidence

Building confidence is crucial in childhood, which is why children Sims are getting new changeable confidence traits. Everything they do, how well they do it, and how others respond to it, will impact how confident they are. Confidence can either be neutral, high, or low, and it will depend not only on praise or criticism they get from others but also on how they feel when they fail or succeed.

While the trait fluctuates in childhood, it becomes a permanent trait when they grow into teenagers and is carried into adulthood. Low self-esteem will follow them everywhere, so if that’s not what aligns with your story, make sure you dedicate time to building them up.

Besides confidence skills, kids will also be able to start learning skills that were previously reserved strictly for adults, such as knitting or piano. They will gain them slower, but nevertheless, it will be great to start learning early!

Adult Triats are are now Changeable

Besides the 3 personality traits we pick for adults in CAS, we get 3 new extra traits that Sims can develop randomly while playing. These fluctuating traits will appear as game suggestions and will be formed sporadically, as Sim goes about their day and do various activities.

This self-discovery system will also let you rethink and change the traits you’ve picked in CAS. For instance, this will be the case when the game recognizes the Sim has been doing a lot of opposite of what their traits suggest. So, if they are slaying at learning skills, they might get a Perfectionist trait!

new events and fun activities for the family

image 18

With Growing Together, we are getting here are 3 new events Sims can plan that are all about bringing family and friends closer. Sims can throw a Family Reunion party to reconnect with family members. If everything goes well, as a reward, they will get super cute family photos to decorate the home. They can also throw a Slumber Party and a Baby Shower.

The pack also introduces new fun activities, such as playing with puzzles (that can be custom photos) or playing simbles (Sims version of scrabble). And, when outdoors, they can go for a speedy walk on special trails alone or have someone join them.

hottest Highlights in the build/buy menu

image 13

In Growing Together, everything is about family, so a lot of new stuff in build/buy will reflect that. The lifestream showed us a few highlights that we can’t wait to play with.

Treehouses are here! And they are here not only to make the backyard look pretty, but are fully functional, customizable, and upgradeable. No treehouse will be alike. Why? Well, you can build one with your family, but you can also decorate it, and place some functional items from the buy menu on it. Sims can nap here, walk on the balcony, kids can play pretend, and adults can even indulge in some steamy WooHoo. You can even control who can get in.

image 9

Kids can ride bikes! To add a dose of realism, the Sims 4 make it essential for kids to learn how to ride first, though, and adults can help them with that!

image 12

There are keepsake boxes where Sims can keep their memories locked. You can even pass them on to a dear family member.

New friendship bracelet kits will let you make customized friendship bracelets that Sims can exchange with a friend or a family member they have a great connection with. They are wearable and can be given to only one Sim. Other friends will get jealous that they are not the chosen ones!

Youngest Sims also get some cool stuff, such as a diaper-changing table and a play mat. The family can enjoy splashing and playing with water on splash mats, and party with a cool new party cannon.

final words

We can’t wait until mid-March to lay our hands on these incredible features. We expect there are more awesome details that the live stream couldn’t cover. Needless to say, we can’t wait to try out new social interactions, check out furniture and decor, build relationships the new way, and see how social preferences work in live mode.

Don’t forget, base game update is on March 14th, and Growing Together is released on March 16th!