Behind The Sims : The Awaited 2nd Round!

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Author: Keith

Are you ready for the second round of Behind The Sims? Keep reading for the awesome news!

What’s Coming This Week? Behind The Sims!

Behind The Sims is coming around the corner this coming Tuesday, June 27th,2023 , 9am PT / 12pm ET !

They’ll be sharing all the sweetest updates about Sims 5 news (Project Rene), trotting over to The Sims 4 Horse Ranch, exploring The Sims Mobile & Freeplay, and revealing the results of the Community Kit vote! It’s going to be an overload of excitement!

Where to watch the upcoming Behind The Sims June Episode?

Make sure to mark your calendars, as you’ll have the opportunity to witness the official premiere of Behind The Sims: Episode 2 on The Sims’ official YouTube Channel.

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