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December 12th Release: Stool and Chair Combo Pack
December 11th Unveils Enchantment: Explore Harry Potter Paintings – Discover Now!
December 9th Oriental Flair: Explore Lanterns with a Click
10th December: Enhance Your Stay with Click + Soap’s Neat Hotel Sink
Lazerly’s Emma Dress: New Mesh, 10 Swatches, BGC, Holiday Warmth
Eyeshadow 02: Super Dramatic, Vivid 40-Shade Palette – Nudes, Pinks, Golds
December 8th Release: Slim, Sleek, and Compact Towering Bookcase Variants
Sleek Dress with 11 Swatches, Get Famous Required, Base by Ridgeport
December 7th Release: Unveiling the New Click Plant
December 4th Release: Hallway & Foyer Essentials – Click to Access
Enhance Your Holiday Decor: Christmas Add-Ons and Staircase Garlands
December 2nd Release: Mirror Reflections with Click Clik Experience
Helgatisha Recolor: Veranka LaLa Crop Tee, 35 Swatches, Mesh Required
Sabrina Hair by Vikaibgc: 18 EA Swatches, Hat Compatible, Custom Thumbnail
Emme Dress: Happy Advent, Get Famous Shortened Version, Base Game, Maxis Match
Just Another Vest: Male Top for Teens to Elders, 13 Swatches, BGC
Elegant Bridesmaid Dress Trio: Eos, Maia, Clio in 12+1 Colors
Large Dog Poses Pack: 10 Unique Stances by Cillaben – Usage Terms Inside
Billie Hairstyle: Female Teen to Elder, 18 EA Colors, Base Game Ready
Itzel and Goopy: Base Game Sims for Your Vanilla Town
Holy Mole-y Variety Pack: 20 Swatches for All Ages & Genders
Leta-Inspired Choppy Haircut: Base Game, Hat-Friendly on Patreon
LeeLeeSims1 Buttons & Bow Skirt: 65 Noodles Sorbet Recolors & Mesh Info
Helgatisha Recolor EP05 Trench Coat for Males – 40 Swatches, Seasons Ready
Enhance Your Style: 12 Swatch Base Game Beanie Palette, Free & Shareable!
New Custom Pose by Curlyangel75 – Share with #curlyangel75
MAGNASIMBLRPOSTERS A GO GO: Eric Lewis Band Merch, Rude Stickers, Artist Posters
Panic! In Windenburg – Solo In-Game Pose Pack with Barstool Requirement
Mistletoe Blush Set: SFS, 12 Swatches, No Randoms, Patreon Early Access
First Recolor: Maxis Match, 5 Plaid Swatches, Mesh by @citrontart, No Ads
Augustus Top: Base Game, New Mesh, 9 Swatches for Kids
AXE High-Waisted Leggings: New Mesh, BGC – Enjoy Your Style Upgrade!
Alec Jeans: 25 Swatches, BG Compatible, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail
Get Together Movie Set: Functional Prison Bench, Chair, and Decor Items
Alexia Jeans: 25 Swatches, BG Compatible, Detailed Maps, All LODs, Custom Thumb
Front Zipper Skirt: 42 Swatches, New Mesh, BGC-Compatible, Enjoy!
Frayed Hem Jeans: 6 Swatches, Various Ages, Bottoms Category
Simple Dress Depoofed by Simswolf: EA Mesh Edit, 21 Swatches, Seasons Required
Pascal Fanny Pack Accessory: Get Famous, 9 Swatches, Teen-Elder
Cowplant-Pizza Recolors: ZurkDesign’s Destiny Hair, 75 Swatches, WM Palettes
Winter Wonderland Eyeshadow: 18 Swatches, BGC, No Randoms, Tagged, No Reupload
Sylvia Skirt Separated: 20 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail, Base Game Compatible
Seven Swatch Shirt Pack: Full Body, YA-E, Custom Thumbnail, Proper LODs
SAM Hair Pack: Get Famous Inspired, 18 Colors, Base Game, Custom Thumbnail
Anise Midi Dress: Famous Slit Design, 14 Swatches, Base Game Compatible
Cropped Sweaters for Sims: Teen-Elder, Male Frames, 20 Swatches, BGC, EA Mesh Edit
MagnaSimblr’s Braids No Rings Hair Recolor: Mesh & Noodles Palette
LeeLeeSims1 Cherry Picked Ponytail: 65 Noodles Colors, Mesh Required, Credits to Creators
AH00B’s Amber Hair Recolor: 65 Noodles Shades, Teen-Elder, Mesh Credits
Autumn Shade Palette Recolors for @allisas’ Infinity Rug – Vampires GP Mesh Needed
Apartment Door Expansion: 4 Wood Colors – City Living Required, Part 1 & 2
Firefly Carpets Reimagined: Autumn Shade Palette Recolor #3
Retro Big Basin Sink Recolor – Parenthood GP – Shastakiss Clue Palette
Jonesi Bed Blanket Recolors by Driftsatellite with Multiple Swatches – Mesh Needed
Lunatech Floor Lamp Retexture: 48 Spectra Colors by AmoebaeA, Ad-Free
Suri Dress Maxis Match CC: Get Famous Required, 6 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail
Alexandra Dress Edit: 25 Swatches, Base Game, Custom Thumbnail, No Random
MAGNASIMBLRTYLER Jacket: Get Famous Starless, 21 Colors, Base Game Ready
Naomi Dress: Original Mesh, 20 Swatches, All Ages, Custom Thumbnail
Almost Famous Blazer: Mix & Match Male Tops, Base Game Compatible
Open Shoulder Sweater: 15 Swatches, Custom Thumbnails, Get Famous Needed!
Sims Creation: Dream Item with Perfect LODs, Normals, and Specs
Bubblegum Hair Pack: Enhanced Tones, EA Swatches, All LODs, Free Use
Dreamy Pad II: Get Famous Bed No-Headboard Edit with Original Swatches
Get Famous Jeans Revamp: Original Shape, Custom Swatches, Base Game Compatible
Felix Jeans: Male Skinny Get Famous, 15 Swatches, Base Game Compatible
1986-Inspired Top: Base Game, New Mesh, 14 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail
Panic! At The Disco Sims 4 Tee: Teen-Elder Female Mesh Required
Butterfly Sleeves Dress: New Mesh, BGC – Enjoy Your Stylish Creation!
Married Suit Set: New Meshes, Tops & Bottoms for All Male Ages
Shawn TopTop: Tucked-In Get Famous Outfit, 15 Swatches, Base Game Ready
Jocelyn Bun: EA Colors, Base Game, Hat Friendly, LODs, Custom Icon
Jacqueline Bun: Pastel Rainbow Avery with New Fringe, Base Game, Hat-Friendly
Honey Top: Base Game Turtleneck Dress Edit, 15 Swatches, Hot Weather Ready
Margot Hair by Vikaibgc: 18 EA Swatches, Hat Compatible, Custom Thumbnail
Style Influencer Essentials: Jackets, Jeans, Heels, and Accessories
Bolo Tie Necklace: 5 Colors, Get Famous EP, Custom Thumbnail, Clips-Free, Fab!
Famous Messy Knot: Smaller Size, 18 Swatches, BGC, Hat-Compatible
Phoebe Jeans: High-Waisted Edit, Base Game, 7 Swatches, Weather-Tagged
Famous Skinnies: Base Game Jeans in 4 Swatches + PSD, Ad-Free
Maxis Match Silk Robes: BGC Recolors with Custom Thumbnails
Get Famous Sparkle Pants: Unlocked, All 25 EA Swatches
MAGNASIMBLRMARTY Hair Pack: Get Famous, 18 Swatches, All LODs, EA Hat-Compatible
Tucked-In Butterfly Sleeves Top: New Mesh, BGC, Enjoy!
Talia Jumper Transformation: Cozy Dress to Chic Tuck-In, Base Game Compatible
Ariana Bun: EA Colors, Base Game, Hat-Friendly, LODs, Custom Icon
Avery Bun: EA Colors, Base Game, Hat-Friendly, LODs, Custom Icon
Haley Hair Pack: Female Teen-Elder, 18 EA Shades, Ombres, Base Game, Hat-Friendly
MAGNASIMBLRMATTHEW Hair: Get Famous, 18 Swatches, All LODs – Show Support!
Becca’s First Rebrand Recolour: 35 Witching Hour Swatches, Mesh Required