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Governess Everyday Dress: Practical Elegance with 25 Swatches
Trillyke’s Noir Dress & Bodysuit: 76 Colors, Noodles Sorbet Palette
Joliebean’s Alexa Pants: 31 Colors, Custom Thumbnail, Mesh Required
Jess Hair for Kids: 16 Swatches, Base Game, Hat-Friendly, All LODs
Mini Lookbook: Chic Hair, Stylish Tops, Jeans, Shoes & Trendy Accessories
Talia Hair for Kids: Cute Buns, 16 Swatches, Base Game, Hat-Compatible
Revamped Bad Bowler Top: Enhanced Design, 26 Swatches, Full LODs
12 Swatch Facepaint Collection: BGC, Universal, Inspired by @okyio’s Vision
Isabel Blouse: Free Isabel Sims Birthday Gift with Custom Thumbnail
Juliette Dress Recolors: Cherub Palette, 38 Swatches, Unique Buttons & Patterns
7 Swatches, Custom Thumbnails, HQ Mod Compatible – Ad Free Access
Ridgeport’s ABC Bodysuits Recoloured: 25 Saurussims CG+ Swatches
Daya Dress Edit: BGC, 15 Swatches, Ridgeport’s Brisa Bodysuit Transformation
Toddler Swimwear Shorts: EA Originals & Denim Retexture, Base Game Compatible
Cindy Outfit Recolor: 31 Shades, Standalone, Credits to Joliebean & Neverloore
Autumn-Inspired Bodysuit Recolor with Ribbed Texture and 25 Swatches
Artie Swimsuit Recolors: 80 Dreamy Hues, 42 Patterns, Mesh Required
Lip Preset N1: Teen-Elder Female, Custom Thumbnail – Enjoy Ad-Free!
Tommy Top Curls: Trip Hair Edit, BGChat, EA Swatches, Ombre Accessory-Compatible
Galia Tops Twin Pack: 17 Swatches, Base Game Compatible, Special Thanks
Mia Hair & Ina Pigtails: New March Releases for Kids & Toddlers
Dorothea Hair: March 23, Base Game, EA Swatches, Customizable, No Reupload
Business Casual Dress: StrangerVille Jacket Inspired, 9 Swatches, Base Game
SomeMouths Lip Presets: Unreleased Gems for All Ages & Genders
Ridgeport’s Eve Blouse Recolours: Retro, Dreampop, Autumn, Anathema Palettes
Green Witch Full Sleeve Tattoo: Cute Flowers, Custom Thumbnail, Ad-Free
Jeffree Star’s Alien: Base Game Compatible, 30 Swatches, All Occults Enabled
Early Access: New Freckles with 3 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail, Patron Exclusive
Aster Hair by Greenllamas: 18 EA Swatches, 9 Ombres, BG and Hat Compatible
Vintage Dual Dress Pack: Morgan & Motel, Teen-Elder, 28 Swatches
Polly Pigtails BGC: 18 EA Swatches, Hat Incompatible – Credits to @leeleesims1
Freddie-Inspired Facial Hair for Male Frames, Teen-Elder, Custom Thumbnail
Rizzo Hair Edit: BGC, EA Colors, All Genders, Teen-Elder, Hat Compatible
Enjoy an Ad-Free Desk and Tape Recorder Experience
August JacketEdit: Full Denim, 20 Swatches, Base Game Compatible
Early Access: Exclusive Matte Lipstick Set with Six Swatches – Base Game OK!
Lara Turtleneck Revamp: 3D Mesh, Enhanced Texture, 40 Swatches, Base Game
StrangerVille Western Tank Top: 9 Swatches, Base Game Compatible
Calliope Poofy Top: Base Game, Get Famous Swatches, Custom Thumbnail
April Hair Edit with Bella Bun & Scrunchie Overlays – Spring Ready
Public Benches Collection: Enjoy Ad-Free, Single Swatch Access
ABH Riviera Eyeshadow: Base Game, 20 Swatches, Occult-Ready, No Randoms
Blomma Dress Recolor: Enchanting Swatches by @ridgeport, Featuring Aradia Sim
Balsam Hair by Greenllamas: 18 EA Swatches, Base Game, Hat-Compatible
Tekri’s Cinderella Hair Recolor – 16 Natural Shades, Mesh Required
StrangerVille GP-Inspired Dress: 9 Swatches, Now on Patreon!
Valentina Blush: March 9, Base Game, 10 Swatches, All Occults, No Randoms
Soleil Hair by Greenllamas: 18 Swatches, Unisex, Base Game, Hat-Friendly
Stranger Boots: Child-Sized Cowboy Boots, Base Game, 9 EA Swatches
Wolfgang Hair Mesh Edit: Strangerville Gamepack, Shorter Style, 18 Colors
StrangerVille Tub Override: DIY Style Bathtub & Shower Price Cut to §500
Easy Hot Burns: Facial Hair for All Sims, BGC, Free on Patreon/SFS
VARIS Bodysuit: Base Game, Custom Thumbnail, Tops, 16 Swatches
Baylee Braids with Clip Accessory – 18 Swatches, BGC, Hat Category Exclusive
Strangerville Icon Shirts: Free on Patreon @sssvitlans
Gamma Cygni Tattoo Collection: 7 Unisex Designs, Base Game Compatible
✨ Rookie Jacket: 15 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail, Tag to Share! ✨
Bowling Night Ponytail Recolor: 20 WMS Natural Swatches, Patreon Access
Fresh Lemonade Poses: 4 Child Sims, Lemonade Stand Required, Free Gift!
Early Access Eyeshadow: Base Game, Custom Thumbnail, 6 Swatches – Patron Exclusive!
Amora Earrings: Venus Heart, Six Swatches, Maxis Match, Custom Thumbnail
Elena Skirt Update: New Mesh, Maxis Match, 35 Swatches, Enhanced Details
Polka Dot Peplum Top: 20 Swatches, Maxis Match, Updated Features
Moles Galore: Lip, Ear, Eyelid, Finger, Erogenous – Melanin Friendly, Custom Thumb
🦷 Advance Your Sim’s Dentist Career: Cheats, Skills & Job Levels 🦷
Yeehaw! Snag Your Free New Cowboy Boots Inspired by Viral Post on Patreon!
Body Preset N1: Female YA-Elder, Custom Thumbnail – Ad-Free Access
💄 Makeup Artist Career Path and Advancement Tips
Art Specialist Career Expansion: Curator to Gallery Owner Path
Alicia’s Frankenmesh Hair: BGC, Maxis Match, Custom Maps, All LODs
Night Shift Pack: 10 Unique Careers for Night Owls – No Promotions Needed
Tattoo and Piercing Career Mod: Become a Body Artist Pro
💥 Comic Artist & Graphic Novelist Career Path Expansion
Private Chef Career Path: From Kitchen Porter to Celebrity Caterer
Embark on a Bookish Sims Career: From Reviewer to Archivist
💵 Teen Weekend Jobs: Career Paths, Cheats, and Mod Installation
Advance Your Sim’s Advertising Career: Cheats, Skills, and Levels!
Climb the HR Ladder: Sims Career from Clerk to VP with Cheats & Mods
Mimi Hairs in Noodles Sorbet Remix V2, Headband Accessory, Mesh & Palette
Tia Brows: Teen-Elder, M/F, EA Swatches, Thickness Slider Compatible, TOU
Exclusive Early Access: $3 Patreon Hair Pack
Early Access: Exclusive Content Release on Patreon for Just $1 – Nov 30
TS4 Cleaning Essentials: Clutter, Decor, and 22 Household Items
Sky-Inspired Eyeshadow Swatches: Tagged, No Reupload, Free Access – Dec 18 Release
Free Custom Sim: Eyes, Skin, Mouth & Nose Sliders on Patreon
2020 Simblreen Set: Halloween Objects, 3 Meshes, BGC, Multiple Swatches
Early Access for All Tiers – Public Release on April 8th, Support Med School Fund
Obscurus Witching Hour Eyebrow Collection: 39 Styles with Extras and Recolors
May Patreon Exclusives: Early Access Content with Public Release Dates
June Patreon Exclusives: Three Hairstyles and Jumpsuit Revealed