Hospital Regional (No CC)

Hopital Regional
Created by: xmathyx
Pack includes:
Last time tested:
Compatibility: Requires Get To Work

Although this hospital shares the essence of the original Willow Creek Hospital build, it’s much warmer with a more usable layout. Because it’s a CC free creation there are section of the build that are for decorative purposes only, but you can always modify them to your liking with CC you already have or other elements you want to include.

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New Top Release: DarkNight@TSR, Published June 20th
1700+ Follower Gift: Living Room Set with Seasonal Swatches & Comfort
Alien & Arrow Signs, Masks, Crystal Display, Desert Flora, Strangerville Decals & Mystery Plant
SH21 Gallery Pose 30: Courtesy of Sirhanni21 with Usage Instructions
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New Female Gallery Pose by #theoctanepumpkin – Share with #guycuk
Get Famous Buildings: 6 Unique Ivy Decorative Stickers
Rustic Fireplaces: Base Game Compatible, 30 Swatches, New Mesh
White Doorframe Swatch Plus BGC – No Adfly, Direct SFS Access
Cowplant-Pizza Recolors: Bodysuit, Beret, Bee Hair – Mesh Required
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