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Sorbet & Elderberry Remix Addons: Exclusive Mesh & Palette Previews
Rachael Jeans: Base Game, 7 Swatches, All LODs, Perfect Fit
Base Game Compatible Lipgloss Overlay: One Swatch, All Occults, No Randoms
Victoria-Inspired Hair: Patron Early Access, 63 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail
Velvet Dress Recolor: Get Famous, 12 Swatches, Occult-Ready, No Randoms
Sarah Hair V1: Child Conversion, 16 Swatches, GTW Optional, No Adult Mesh Needed
Solstice Topbase Game: 16 Swatches, Occult-Ready, No Bra, Recolor-Friendly
Hallie Hair Conversion for Kids: BGC, EA Swatches, Custom Thumbnail
Rigby Hair50 Special: Original Mesh, Base Game Edit, Free Female Hairstyle
Vinegar Highlighter: Base Game, One Swatch, Face Paint, All Occults, No Randoms
Early Access Press Set on Patreon: 18 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail
EnriqueS4 Away Hairstyle: 18 Swatches, Hat-Compatible, Maxis Match, Teen-Elder
Squaretacular Earrings for Kids: Base Game, Mesh Info, Tested by @caffeaye
Exclusive Premierball Tier Early Access – Public Release on Aug 31, 1PM
Sims 4 Castaway Stories: Triple Career Pack with Cheats & Skills
Dixie Hair by Simduction: 60s Style, 18 Colors, Hat & Headband Compatible
Cherry Spice-Inspired Eye Presets – No CC Sliders Needed! Free on Patreon
Halliwell Boots TS3 to TS4: Base Game, 26 Swatches, Recolor PSD, Lods
Moisturizing Cream Face Paint, Game-Compatible, Single Swatch, All Occults, No Randoms
Blossom Earrings: New Mesh, Basegame, 14 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail
VeveSims Leon Hair Recolors: Witching Hour, 35 Maxis Match Swatches
Mango Glossbase: 15 Swatches, All Occults, No Randoms, Recolor-Friendly
Campana Romper Early Access: 18 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail, Recolor-Friendly
Prism Dress Romper: Base Game, Maxis Match, 25 Swatches
Flowerfield Eyeshadow: Base Game, 25 Swatches, All Occults, No Randoms
Matilda Hair: Base Game, 18 Swatches, Hat Chops, Hat Compatible, All LODs
Santa Fe Afro Updo with 18 Swatches & Floral Accessory in 7 Variants
Exclusive Premierball Tier Early Access – Public Release on Aug 26, 1pm
Rumbl Romper Early Access: 18 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumb, Recolor OK
Exclusive Premierball Tier Early Access – Public Release on August 25
Exclusive Patreon Content: Unlock Your Access Now!
EnriqueS4 Mome Hairstyle: 18 Swatches, Hat-Compatible, Maxis Match, Teen-Elder
Sumahama Reshade Preset Edit with Color-Enhancing PSD – Available on Patreon & SFS
Occhi Top Patreon Early Access: 18 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumb, Recolor OK
Sea Shell Earrings: Final Touch to Your Followers’ Gift Set
Connie Hair by Simduction: Classic 60s Style, 18 Colors, Hat-Friendly
🌟 New Kids’ Scalloped Skirt Mesh: 20 Solids, 18 Patterns – Basegame Ready! 🌟
Patchouli Hair Edit: SWTOR Conversion, BGChat, Unisex, EA Swatches, No Re-upload
Simandy Sunlight Top: 18 Recolors, Custom Thumbnail, Color Tags, Mesh Needed
Viaggio Jumpsuit Recolor: 18 Swatches, Mesh Needed, Custom Thumbnail, Color Tags
Nicole Skirtomg Edit: Base Game, 21 Colors, All LODs, Thumbnail Included
Nora Top: 20 Swatches, Base Game Compatible, Custom Thumbnail, Free on Patreon
EnriqueS4 Hairstyle: 18 Swatches, Hat-Friendly, Maxis Match, Teen-Elder
Early Access Boyfriend Jumpsuit: 20 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail on Patreon
Florence Hair Customization: Exclusive Recolors, Mesh by @cowconuts, Easy Tutorial
Sonny High Waisted Flare Jeans: Base Game, 12 Swatches, All Ages
Revamped Cropped Cargos: High-Waisted, Unisex, 26 Swatches, Accessory Belt
Island Elemental Oracle Career Path for Lia’s Sim Training
Lauren PoloThe Raphaela Long Sleeve Polo: 20 Swatches, Base Game, Custom Thumbnail
Island Living Polo: Tucked, Retextured, 20 Swatches, Base Game Compatible
Summer Lips Extravaganza: New Lip Preset Collection Unveiled Before July Ends
Migliore Dress Early Access: BGC, 18 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail
Plastic Palm Tree Earrings: 9 Swatches, Basegame, Custom Thumbnail
Zola Bikini Early Access: BGC, 20 Swatches, Custom Thumbnails, Recolor-Friendly
Farah Finger Waves: Enhanced Mesh, Hair Clips, 18 Swatches, BGChat-Compatible
Normani Dress BGC: 18 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumb, Recolor-Friendly
Cupshe Swimsuit BGC: 18 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumb, Recolor-Friendly
Lovely Leaves Earrings: New Mesh, Basegame, 9 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail
Skort Island Living Recolor: 20 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail, Color Tags
Cupshe Swimsuit Early Access – 18 Swatches, BGC, Custom Thumbnail, Recolor OK
Baby Ariel Sweater Pack: Everyday to Party, B&W, Female, Cold Weather Ready
Round Rattan Earrings: 9 Metal Shades, 18 Swatches, Basegame-Compatible
EnriqueS4 Elvira Hairstyle: Classic Bun, 18 Swatches, Hat-Compatible, Maxis Match
Dolce Vita Blouse: EA Mesh Edit, BG Compatible, 47 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail
Coconut Cocktail Earrings: New Mesh, Basegame, 3 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail
Frankie Fro BGC Hat-Compatible EA – 18 Swatches, Credits to @voidfeather
Robert Jeans: Cropped Leathery Pants & Boot-Compatible Recolors
Au Naturel Nude Lingerie Set – Inclusive Shades with Queen Lipsticks
Chiropractic Career Path Guide: Promote, Skills, and Installation Instructions
Saffron Hair: 18 EA Swatches, Base Game, Hat Compatible for Women
Base Game Hair Pack: 18 EA Swatches, All LODs, Exclusive Thumbnails
Karen Hair by Simduction: 70s Wavy Style, 18 Colors, Base Game-Compatible
Serene Florale Tail Accessory: Single Swatch, Custom Thumbnails, Play & Reshade Tested
Enhanced Mermaid Eyes & Updated Dog Days Contacts – Get Yours on Patreon!
Dela Ostrow-Inspired Half-Up Hair with New Mesh & 18 EA Swatches
Frayed Crop Jeans BG Override: Original Textures for All Occasions, Female-Only
Prisma Eyeliner: Base Game, 15 Swatches, All Occults, No Randoms, Recolor-Friendly
Jeanie Jeans: Baggy Sweats Retexture, Mesh Included, 12 Swatches, T.O.U Compliant
Mesh by Saurussims, Witching Hour Palette Extras & Merged Non-Override
Precious Ringbase: 3 Swatches, Occult-Ready, No Randoms, Recolor-Friendly
Artemisia’s Flirty Retro Dress: 30 Swatches, Hot/Cold, Basegame-Compatible
Marsosims Alon Hair: Sorbet & Elderberry Remixes with Exclusive Add-ons
Dainty Cross Necklace: Basegame, Morphs, 9 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail, Free Access
Regina Hair: 70s/80s Inspired, 18 Colors, Base Game, Hat-Friendly
Basegame Leggings Recolor: 28 Patterns, Custom Thumbnail, Toddler-Friendly
Elektra Shirts: 10 New Graphic Tees with Custom Thumbnail by Cubersims
Ruby Hair: 76 Sorbet & 72 Elderberry Addons, Mesh, Free Palette Preview
Bejeweled Eyeshadow: 20 Gemstone Swatches, Occult-Ready, No Randoms
Enhance Your Sims: Body Preset & Ankle Thickness Slider by VibrantPixels
Iulia Mermaid Tail & Top: 85 Swatches, Island Living Exclusive