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Cressida Hair Mod: Unisex, No Front Strands, BGC, Hat-Compatible, 24 EA Colors
Vibrant Hair Palette Expansion: Teen to Elder, All Genders, High Poly
Tam Sweater: Free Patreon Exclusive by Fiddlefolk, Maxismatchccworld, Emilyccfinds
Ashley Hair: 24 EA & 25 Love Bomb Colors, Hat-Compatible, Teen-Elder
TS4 Titanic Rose Inspired Dress – 10 Swatches, Base Game Compatible
Miki Hair Edit with Headband: Base Game, Hat Chops, 24 Swatches
Kabibe Hair: Y2K-Inspired, Base Game Compatible, 24 Swatches, Front & Side
Long Hair Pack – Free on Patreon via @maxismatchccworld & @emilyccfinds
BrianiteSims DHD Shorts: BGC Edit, 25 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail
Kimmy TopBGC: 20 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail – Now Free for All
BrianiteSims: Truly Dress BGC – 20 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail
Yamu Hair: Side-Swept Style, Base Game, Hat Chops, 24 Swatches
Cottage Living: Alpha-Style Animal Shed Recolor – Standalone Variant
🌿Willow Hair Updo: BGC, 24 Swatches, Hat-Compatible, All LODs, Early Access🌿
Cottage Bottoms: Cutoffs & Skirts, Base Game, 10 EA Swatches
Lovesick Dress: Cottage Living Edit, BGC, 10 Swatches, New Mesh, Custom Thumbnail
Hocus Pocus Kids’ Overall Dress: BGC, 12 Swatches, Custom Mesh & Thumbnail
Cottage Living Chic: Vine Wallpapers, Full Heights, No Wainscoting
Vichy Dress: Princess to Pauper Style, Expose Embezzlement, Base Game, 35 Swatches
Patreon Exclusive: Updated Hair Swatches Collection – “Roll in My Coffin” Edition
Cottage Living Tops: Base Game Compatible, 10 EA Swatches – Patreon/SFS
Marvel World’s Kitchen Clutter: Collection 7 with New Meshes & Recoloring Guide
Patreon Exclusive: Quick Scalp Fix for Cottage Living Twist Bun
DHD Belted Top Edit: 20 Swatches, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail – Free on Patreon
Fauna Hairhi V2: Dual Frames, Hat-Friendly, 24 EA Colors – Early Access
Iba Hair: Base Game Compatible, Hat Chop, 24 Swatches, Front & Back
Ravensim’s Nia Hair & Tiara Set with Jewl, Sorbets, Candy Swatches
Simlish Style Tees: Base Game, Mesh Edit, 6 Swatches for Sims
Grilled Halibut & Yellow Rice Platter: Perfect for Backyard Weddings
Grilled Tofu & Honey Carrots: Off-Grid BBQ, Casual Wedding Fare, Patreon Early Access
Hide Cl*wn Items: Paintings, Outfits, Facepaint & More – Updated 2021
Taliayah Hair with Clips: BGC, EA Colors, All Ages, Mesh by @aharris00britney
Lonelyboy TS4 Male Piteous Outfit: 12 Swatches, Base Game Compatible
MIA HAYES: Active, Outdoorsy Young Adult – Yoga, Climbing, Magic Optional
Dela Hair: Base Game Compatible, Hat Chops, 24 Swatches, Front & Back
Luumia Fundercut Edit: Free Patreon Exclusive by @luumia, @simandy & More
Melisa Hair Pack: 24 EA Colors, Hat-Compatible, Teen-Elder, Base Game Ready
Lysander Hair Pack: Both Frames, V2, Hat-Compatible, 24 EA Colors – Happy NIA Day!
Colorful Bihelel: 36 Shades, All Ages, Genders, Hat-Compatible, 5K Poly
Subtle Sideburns: Free Patreon Exclusive from @maxismatchccworld
Ice Cream for Breakfast: Free Patreon Set from July 19, 2021
July Patreon Releases: Mariel, College, Taliayah Hairstyles & Clips
Cicero Hairlets by Lucas Munch: V2, Laurel Accessory, BGC, 24 EA Colors
Nova Hair by Marsosims: Base Game, 24 Swatches, Hat-Friendly, 3 Styles
Around the Sims 4: Revamped Toys and Functional Playsets
Early Access to Haven, Kylie, Serena, Gigi Hairs – Patreon Exclusive
Caleb Hair Remesh: Base Game, Hat Chops, 24 EA Swatches, Front/Back View
Mia Hair: 24 EA Colors, Hat-Compatible, Teen-Elder, Base Game, @aharris00britney
Jennifer Hair: 24 EA Colors, Teen-Elder, Xiomara Headband Compatible
Abill Hair Pack: 24 EA & 25 Love Bomb Colors, Hat-Compatible, All Ages
Anders’ Unisex Socks: Base Game, Everyday to Cold Weather Styles
New Hair Swatches Collection: Part 1 – Exclusive on Patreon
1920s Inspired Chanel Day Dress for TS4 – 14 Swatches, Base Game
Small Spaces: Pantry CC Pack – Elevate Your Sim’s Home!
Lil Critter Kids Set: Bed, Mushroom Seat, Porcelain Doe – Melunn’s Creation
Child Life Mod V2: Enhanced Sim Kid Activities & Social Interactions
Cozy Knitted Sweater Recolor: 20 Swatches, Everyday & Cold Wear
Katarina Claes Inspired Hair: Base Game, Hat Compatible, 24 Swatches
Around the Sims 4: Effortless Harvestable Aromatic Plants for Chefs
Gigi Hair Remesh: Base Game, 24 EA Swatches, Peacemaker Palette
Elder Life Mod: New Socials, Interactions, and SimBook for Seniors
EnriqueS4 Marie Necklace: New Mesh, 16 Swatches, BG Compatible, Extras
Lauryn’s Multi-Swatch Eyeshadow and Blush Set: Free Cosmetics Pack
Lexi Hair Remesh: Basic, Cute, Base Game, Hat Compatible, EA Swatches
Marie HairBGC: 18 EA Colors, Unique Thumbnail, #jaocc – No Hats, Original CC
Vamp Makeup Set: Hand-Painted Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner – No Random Colors
Yelo Hair: Fortnite-Inspired, Remapped, Retextured Sims Style
Sebastian Hair V2: BGC, Hat-Compatible, 24 EA Colors, No Extra Strands
High School Makeup Set: Lipstick & Eyeliner for Teens to Elders
Ptosis Eye Preset for Sims: Female & Male, Toddler to Elder
EnriqueS4 Gigi Hairstyle: New Mesh, 24 Colors, All Ages, Hat-Friendly
Complete Styled Looks Tutorial with Example Package and Crucial Update
Marisol Eyeshadow: Free on Patreon, Credit Appreciated – Hair by @arethabee
17 Updated Hairstyles: New Swatches, BGC, Hat-Friendly, Genetics-Tagged
Amaya Hair Remake: Summer of Sulani, Base Game, Hat Chops, Swatches
Early Access: Channel Surfing Collection – June Releases on Patreon Now!
Alexandria Trousers: 40 Swatches, Base Game, Shadow Map, Color Tagged, Credits & More
Updated Mods Collection Part 1: Abundant Trait Enhancements – Patreon/SimfileShare Support
Colorful Hair Palette Expansion: Teen to Elder, High Poly, Hat Compatible
Laya Hair Revival: New Mesh, Hat Chops, Base Game, Updated Swatches
Finley Earrings: CC6 Swatches, BGC, High Poly – Free on Patreon/SFS
Mango Eyeshadow Duo: Stress-Free Beauty Escape, Free on Patreon, Credit Appreciated
Oakiyo Hair Collection: 66 Updated Styles with New Swatches & Accessories
Silk Matte Lipstick: Free Matte Finish, Courtesy of Maxismatchccworld & Mmoutfitters
Charlie Outfit: Sweatshirt & Jeans, 47 Swatches, BGC, Teen-Elder
Patreon Exclusive: Immortalysasims Gallery ID – Artwork and Tray Files
Doja Cat Inspired Eyeshadow Looks: Free on Patreon, Credit Appreciated!
Pride Shirts Collection: 12 Swatches, LGBTQ+ Flags, Custom Thumbnail
Helgatisha’s Lace Tights Set: 5 Types, 25 Swatches, All Genders, Base Game
Vibrant Hair Palette Expansion: Maxis Match, Multi-Shade, All Genders