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Recolored Pauline Heels: 24 Vortex Palette Shades, Base Game, Custom Thumbnail
Leo Tights Revival: BGC, 6 Swatches, Accessories Category – No Ads
Happy Simblreen! Trio of Dresses: Venom, Greene, 90s Chic, Custom Swatches & Details
Cowplant-Pizza Recolors: 70s Witch Dress Simblreen ’18, 20 Swatches, Mesh Required
Cowplant-Pizza Cozy Sweater Recolors: Simblreen 2018, Halloween Patterns, 10 Swatches
MAGNASIMBLR 🍂 LALO BEARD: Maxis Match Mesh for Teen-Elder, 18 Swatches
“Autumn Breeze” Children Posepack: Happy Birthday Heartmeadows, 39 Cat-Inspired Poses!
REDUX EYELINER: Base Game, 4 Swatches, Weather-Ready, Custom Thumbnail
Happy Birthday Coli: Base Game Romper & Vest Overlay Set
Sweater Weather Birthday Gift: Base Game Compatible Dress with 10 Swatches
Base Game Dress for @rachirdsims: 27 Autumn Shades, All LODs, Custom Thumbnail
MAGNASIMBLR Follower Gift: MAGNA Hair, Maxis Match, Hat-Compatible, Teen-Elder
Halloween Extravaganza: Hats, Boots, Wings, Skeletons & More at Simfileshare!
Recolor #20: Leila Hair by WonderCarlotta, 15 Teased Palette Swatches with Custom Thumbnails
Updated Tattoo Swatches: All Genders, Teen-Elder, 18 Colors, Hand-Drawn
Updated Hand-Drawn Tattoos: All Genders, Teen-Elder, 3 Swatches, No Ads
October Freckles: Enhanced Taty Overlay with Blush for Sims
Cute Top Recolour in 65 Noodles Sorbet Shades – Custom Thumbnail, Mesh Link
Spooky Season Toddler Tees: 4 Cute Swatches, Mix & Match, Basegame-Compatible
EP 05 Child’s Pea Coat: 30 Swatches, Custom Thumbnail, Requires Seasons
TS4: HS Bare Concrete Walls in Double-Plumbobs Autumn Palette
Effie Hair by Turquoisee – EA Swatches, Dine Out Needed, Mindy Showcases
TS4 12K Follower Gift: Simply Styling Plant Conversions with Eversims Colors
Random Emotions Pose Pack: Emotive Sims Poses by @skylergirlisblue
Little Cottage Tray Files: CC-Free, Ghostly Encounters in Forgotten Hollow
TS4 Terrain Paint Set: 14 Swatches, Stove & Pavement Textures
Adopt Fluffy: Surprise Puppy Roulette – Tag to Share Your Story!
Ghostly Kitchen Wall Set: 2 Swatches, BGC, Simcrush Reblog Opportunity
Baby Fangs: Vampire Teeth for Toddlers by @simcrush – Free Accessory
Pumpkin Candle: October Decor, New Mesh, Outdoor Snow Feature – @simcrush
Romantic Garden Vest & Scarf Recolors: Black, Grey, Red & More
City Living Sweats Recolor: 4 Swatches, Non-Base Game, Usage Terms Apply
Hayden Toddler Pants: BGC, 12 Swatches, Recolors OK – No Conversion/Simsdom
Aubrey Bun & Queen B Hair Blend: Simblrween Treat, Hat-Compatible Basegame
Little Muggles: 11-Shade Little Witches Dress Recolor with Autumn Palette
Enhance Your Sims with Handpainted Natural Blush – 6 Swatches, Maxis Match
TS4 Country Carriage House Roof Recolors: 20 Anna’s Shades + White Trim
Ellie Hair V2: Teen to Elder, 18 EA Colors, Base Game, Hat-Friendly
Jackson Rod Stewart Inspired Hair – BGC, Hat-Compatible, 18 EA Colors
Little Witches Costume Set: Hats, Dresses, Necklaces for Toddlers
Autumn Scenery Wall Portraits: 6 Swatches for Basegame Frame
TS4 Separated Parenthood Bedding Recolors: 22 Pixeldot Hues, Meshes Essential
Very Berry Eyeshadow: 7 Swatches – Get Yours & Support on Ko-fi!
ELLIE HAIRA: Cute Side-Parted Hair, 18 Colors, Teen to Elder, BG Compatible
Cute Poodle Doodle for @killerqwin: Adorable Canine Artwork
Autumn Maxis Match Eyeshadow: 6 Swatches – Burnt Sienna, Blues, Pinks
Ayoshi-Sims Kream Bodysuit Recolor: Noodles Pastel & Peach Puff, Mesh Required
Simblreen Gift #4: Two Hairs Recolored in 65 Shades, Meshes Needed
Micro & Kira: Embrace the Joy of Virtual Pets in The Sims!
TS4 In the Mood Fireplace: City Living Unlocked & 20 Recolors by Anna
IKEA Lack Recolors by Veranka: Anna’s Palette, Tables & Shelves Set
Hour Glass Body Preset V1: Enhanced Curvy Shape, Updated Mesh, Support Me
Chalk Paint Inspired Palette: PNG, ACO, Hex Codes – Share Your Creations!
Bloom PSD: Enhance Your Screenshots with Customizable Color Layers
Pout Lips Preset: First Creation, Custom Thumbnail Issue Inquiry, Support on Patreon
Vampires Game Pack Streetlights: Fallen & Standing Variants
Spooky Cap: Essential Mesh, 4 Swatches – Credit Required, No Ownership Claim
Star Hair Recolor Pack: 65 Noodles Sorbets Swatches, Custom Thumbnail – @qwertysims
Gardenia Knit Sweater: 65 New Noodles Sorbet Swatches, Mesh Needed
Halloween Bat Sweater for Sims: Black & White, Cold Weather Gear
Peplum Blouse Recolors: Noodles Pastel, Darker Sorbet, Peach Puff Palette
Updated CAS Tattoo Thumbnails: Hand-Drawn, All Genders, Teen-Elder, 15 Swatches
Patricia Skirt Recolor: First CC, BGC, Teen-Elder, Soft Heart Palette
200 Followers Gift: Witchy Cottage – No CC, All Packs Included
Kream Bodysuit by @ayoshi-sims: 16 Twikkii Swatches, Custom Thumbnail, Mesh Required
TS2 to TS4 Rainbow T-Shirts: Shiny Mannequin Mesh Exclusive
Marie Hair: Base Game Compatible, Unisex, Original Hat Chops
“Be Together” Sims Pack: 10 Romantic Poses, Height Variance, Custom Thumbnails
Autumn Shade Carpets: Fresh Textures in Non-CC Styles
BAIEYU’s Briar Hat: Frankenmesh, BGC, Custom Thumbnail, 9 Swatches
Rose Coloured Lenses PSD: Enhance Screenshots with Overlays
MEGARA Romper: Custom Thumbnail, Correct LODs, Shadow Map, Vacation Palette Swatches
Kids’ Slip-On Vans: BGC, 23 Swatches, Recolors & Original Mesh
Marion Hair by Vikaibgc: 18 EA Swatches, Custom Thumbnail, Bug Support
Cruz Freckles: Toddler to Elder, BGC, 5 Variants, Layerable Skin Details
Bat Slippers for Sims: New Mesh, 4 Colors, Unisex, No Randoms
Scars Pack: Toddler to Elder, BGC, Customizable, Skin Detail Overlays
Rainbow Chair and Loveseat Set: Vibrant Recolors for a Matching Look
Basegame Couch Recolor: Rainbowfied Standalone Furniture No Ads
Simblreen Gift #2: Lazerly’s Witchy Hat in Noodles’ Sorbet Swatches
Vortex Palette Recolor: Kaeun Turtleneck, 24 Swatches, Base Game, Teen-Elder
BAIEYU’s CreamPuff Romper: Teen-Elder, BGC, 45 Autumn Shades, Custom Thumbnail
Gibson Girl Hair: Maxis Match, WMS Naturals & Neutrals for Women
DAHLIA Hair Pack: BGC, Custom Thumbnail, 18 EA Swatches + Slime Green
Cowplant-Pizza Recolors: Base Game Dress, 10 Swatches, Smart-Casual Catalog Addition
Cowplant-Pizza Recolors for Ridgeport’s Papaya Dress with Muted Loona Palette
Ad-Free SFS Experience: Seamless, Uninterrupted Spaceflight Simulator
Bland Co Cabinets & Islands: Granite Palette Revival (Old CC Included)
Sweetener Gloss: 40 Shades, Base Game Compatible, Custom Thumbnail #crypticsim
Ugly Sweater Revamp: 15 Chic Swatches, Holiday Pack Needed, Recolors Welcome!