Chick Flicks Movie Posters by SNOOTYSIMS

SNOOTYSIMS Chick Flick Movie Posters Featured Image
Created by: SNOOTYSIMS
Color: 20 Movie Swatches
Pack includes:
Last time tested: 01/19/2024
Compatibility: Base Game Compatible

Sul Sul Simmers ~

Who else adores juggling tasks and enjoying a movie while playing Sims? Guilty as charged! Last night, while lost in the world of TS4, I stumbled upon watching one of my fave movie. That spark of inspiration hit me, and I couldn’t resist thinking, “Why not make some chick flick movie posters for Sims?” Sure, there might be an existing movie poster ccs out there, but why not create my own just because I love to? Right? Here’s “Chick Flick Movie Posters” for all of you~ ♡

  • 1 Poster
  • 20 Movie Poster Swatches
  • Base Game Compatible

PUBLIC ACCESS : February 02


Here are some in-game shots:

SNOOTYSIMS Chick Flick Movie Poster 01 SNOOTYSIMS Chick Flick Movie Poster 02

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