New Update Coming! Unleash your Sims Dance Moves and MORE! — June 20th

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Author: Keith

Guess what? The amazing folks at The Sims Team are sprinkling some extra magic into The Sims 4! They’re adding an adorably cute R&B radio station. But there’s more! They still have more surprises in store for you. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? Prepare to move and groove to your Sim’s world’s music!

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R&B Radio Station!? Let’s GO!

Brace yourselves for some musical magic because the new Sims 4 R&B Radio Station is sliding its way into the Base Game, ALL FOR FREE, on the super exciting day of June 20th, 2023! Get ready to groove to the beat and discover the delightful surprises awaiting you in this marvelous content drop from The Sims 4 Team!

Here’s a peek at the cutest audio teaser! Get ready for some nostalgic Simlish Radio throwbacks and a super sweet Simlish version of the oh-so-lovely song “What’s Love” by Baby Tate.

How about Any Content Drop aside from The new r&B Station Update?

Unfortunately, The Sims 4 Team hasn’t confirmed any additional features, but hey, One of the community member @HenfordHen saw some lights with the new Book Clutter swatches!

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