Ready For Fresh Insights: Behind the Sims Livestream is Coming Tomorrow!

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Are you ready for some exciting news? The Sims 4 is preparing big changes for us. We are waiting, and beyond stoked to see what it’s all about. This is all you need to know about the upcoming stream.

behind the sims livestream
Behind the Sims: New livestream is coming!

The Sims team likes to keep us on our toes and fuel excitement! The Bathroom Clutter Kit and Simmates Collection Kit have been released recently. This is a nice beginning of a year, and the team announced there is much more to look forward to in 2023.

If you are excited to find out what’s in store for Sims lovers, you can tune in and join the first major live stream this year that will reveal all the juiciest details. This is an opening to the ‘’Behind The Sims’’ series of informative streams that we can expect in the feature. 

This is what they posted on Twitter:

”As The Sims evolves every day, so does how we bring you the latest from our teams! Sul Sul to Behind The Sims, a new community series following The Sims Summit. On Jan 31 @ 9 AM PST, tune in as we share exciting news, take you behind the scenes & more.”

Yep, this is The Sims 4 livestream Confirmation!

When and where to join the live stream?

The event will take place on January 31st on Twitch, at 9 AM if you are in the US, and 6 PM if you are in the Central European Time zone. Be sure to check the exact time for your location not to miss out!

It’s clear that developers are preparing and have some behind-the-scenes content and fresh news for us about what’s to come for The Sims 4. It is expected that we will also get some cues about future upgrades and tweaks for The Sims Free Play and The Sims Mobile. Will we get more info about Project Rene? Are we about to find out more about the Michaelson Reunion teaser that was released recently? Will there be news about expansion packs? We are about to find out together!

Remember – tomorrow, Twitch. See you there!

Final thoughts

Buckle up, and mark your calendar and set a reminder not to miss the news, as we are about to get some major insights into the latest updates about the Sims. Stay tuned with SnootySims to get the in-depth recap after the stream!