Much Awaited Behind the Sims Episode 2 You Must Know!

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The Sims Team is back for their latest updates, sneak peeks and *deets* about Project Rene, the upcoming The Sims 4 The Horse Ranch Expansion Pack and more! Check out this Behind the Sims recap!

Behind The Sims

Behind the Sims Episode 2 Recap!

The Horse Ranch Expansion Pack : The Sims 4 Horses

Simmers, giddy up for the most requested and most awaited animal friend we’ve been waiting for years! The Behind the Sims stream played some behind-the-scenes footage of horses!

The Look

Screenshot 24

As you can see, The Sims Team focused to bring the same stylized look for Horses that they did for The Sims like shading, solid form hair and the expressive features to fit with the game.

30 breeds to choose from and 11 traits for Horses in CAS!

The Animations

Screenshot 25 2

Katie, the Animator, said that the Horse locomotion was a challenged for them. Since horses are known for its graceful movements, they added banking animations that allows them to do things while maintaining their graceful movements.

Screenshot 26 1

The developers also considered on how Sims would animate both while riding and when not riding a horse. Inexperienced riders would appear awkward and uncomfortable, and the horse would respond to their lack of skill by testing them. Developers also considered how will the horse react to the Sims and vice versa. We’ll see more of that when the pack comes out!

Screenshot 27 1

The Inspiration

The Sims Team made trips to a local equestrian center for the team to experience firsthand the horses. They even bonded with them to feel and understand horses. So cute, right!?

As per JoAnne, Production Director of The Sims 4, said that there’s more gameplay coming this July 6th! So let’s stay tuned in!

Community Vote Kit Winners

We’re thrilled to announce that the Goth Fashion style Kit and the Medieval Castle build Kit have won the vote! But hey, we have to wait until next year for the release of these awesome Kits!

Screenshot 28

So which one of you won the vote? Anyone!?

The Sims Mobile Update

Get ready for an electrifying summer treat in The Sims Mobile! Brace yourselves because a dazzling addition is about to hit the scene – the spectacular 90 Sunset Jetty house lot in Briny Heights! But wait, what’s the jet ski all about, you ask? Prepare to be amazed as you unlock this thrilling ride and embark on an epic adventure to uncover its secrets firsthand! Get ready for non-stop excitement this summer!

Screenshot 6

The Sims 4 Freeplay Update

Brace yourself as your Sim gets the chance to take on the exhilarating role of a Salon or Spa manager in a Day Spa! But that’s not all! Brace yourself for the exciting release of Superyachts 2 this July, offering you a whole new level of opulence and adventure in The Sims FreePlay! Get ready to embark on extravagant voyages and redefine luxury living like never before.


Exciting news alert! Brace yourselves, Simmers, because today’s Behind The Sims Livestream has just unveiled a jaw-dropping sneak peek into the fabulous world of Animations, Visuals, and Lighting that await us in The Sims 5!

Did you know that you can EA and Maxis have gone above and beyond to ensure that The Sims 5 will be playable on a variety of platforms, bridging the gap between PC and Console and …… Mobile!? OH YEESSS!!

For more information about PROJECT RENE, here’s a link to the updated news about it. Enjoy and prepare to be thrilled!