Martine’s Invisible Crib – Updated for the Infants Patch

Created by: Surely-Sims
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AlphaCub Cozies: Chic Infant Hoodie & Pants Sets (#AlphaClothes)
Cozy Cub Couture: Stylish Hooded Outfits for Infants (AlphaCC Collection)
Kiara Zurk’s Baby Chic: High Ponytail with Bangs for Infants (#AlphaHair)
Little Wonders by Ilki Sims: Essential Infant and Alpha Custom Content (CC) Showcase
Little Love Loops (NA2457): Chic Heart-Shaped Earrings for Toddlers & Infants
LynxsimzFamily’s Enchanted Heart Pocket Dress (Infant Delight Collection) ✨
Glittering Gems: Heart Earrings V2 NA957 (Toddler & Infant Jewelry)
Little Love Drops: Charming Heart Earrings for Infants (Adorable Accessories Collection)
AlphaCute’s NA1342: Chic Infant & Toddler Headband Essentials
AlphaGuardian: The Ultimate Infant Head-Safe Rucksack (#InfantCC, #AlphaCC)
Hazel’s Haven by Powluna: Chic Infant & Alpha Clothing Sets (#Clothes #ClothingSets)
GeorgiaGlam’s Hattie Romper (Chic Infant & Alpha CC Outfits with Stylish Hats)
Little Star Hannah: Chic Infant Clothing Sets (Now for Newborns!)
Alpha Cherub’s Halo: Trendy Accessories for Infants (Stylish & Safe)
Jennisims’ Jumpsuit Jamboree (Halloween Edition: Friendly & Scary Outfits)
PlatinumLuxeSims’ Cozy Haven: Deluxe Infant Playmat (Accessories & Alpha CC Objects)
Raindrops Nursery Bliss (Part 3: Choose Your Aesthetic) – Cozy Decor & Chic Baby Wear
Jennisims’ Jamboree: Spooky Gloves for All Ages (Halloween Edition)
AlphaLocks Treasure (Ultimate Infant Hair Gift Guide – #AlphaCC Essentials)
Genevive’s Charm: Chic InfantCC & AlphaCC Hair Bows (Trendy Hair Accessories for Little Ones)
Little Trendsetters: Chic Infant & Toddler Clothing Sets (Fun, Alpha CC, Accessories)
FreckleTots: Adorable Infant Accessories (Tails, Alpha CC, Makeup & Face Details)
Cozy Cub Couture: Adorable Fox PJs for Infants (Clothing Sets & Comfort)
Cozy Cub Couture: Adorable Fox PJs for Infants (Clothing Sets & Comfort)
Blossom Babe: Charming Floral Necklaces for Infants (Elegant Accessories & Jewelry)
Blossom Bambino: Chic Flower Earrings for Infants (Stylish Baby Accessories)
Blossom Bambino: Chic Flower Earrings for Infants (Stylish Baby Accessories)
Simbeeez Snuggle Blossom: Floral Boppy Pillow for Infants (Cozy Accessory & Decor)
Sparkling Beginnings: (First Diamond Studs) – InfantCC & AlphaCC’s Precious Gems
Bear Hug Bliss: Adorable Onesies & Accessories for Infants (Famous Bears Edition)
PosePlay Paradise: Family Photo Pack Pt. 1 (Infant, Toddler, Alpha, Group & Couple Poses)
Fairy Whispers: Enchanting Infant Wings (Accessories, Alphacc Exclusive)
Fairy Whispers: Enchanting Infant Wings (Accessories, Alphacc Exclusive)
JellyPaws’ Glow-Up Magic: Transformative Accessories & Makeup for All Ages (Infant to Alpha)
BabyFace Blends: Innovative Infant & Toddler Skin Overlays (#infantcc #toddlercc #alphacc)
AlphaVision: Unveiling the Latest (Eyes & Infants Update) #infantcc #alphacc #eyes
Braided Bliss: Alpha Hair Transformations for Infants (Ep. 13 – Long Braids & Curls)
AlphaSnug Ep11: Cozy PJs for Infants (Clothing Sets & Comfort)
JellyPaws’ Ellis: Toddler & Infant Skin Overhaul (AlphaCC, ToddlerSkin, InfantSkin)
Elfin Magic: Adorable V2 Elf Ears for Infants (Accessories, Alphacc)
“Elfin Magic: Adorable Infant Accessories (Elf Ears Edition)” #accessories #ears #infantcc #alphacc
Baby Bliss by Cakebill12: Streamlined Infant Care (Easier, Smarter Solutions)
Ducky Delight Onesie Set (Adorable Infant Clothing for Little Girls)
SuperFlareCC’s Duckling Delight (Chic Onesie Sets for Female Infants)
Jennisims’ Joyful Hands: Dual Gloves (5 Designs) & Chic Infant Accessories
JenniSwan Elegance: Chic Infant Dresses by Jennifer (JenniSims Collection)
Ruffle Rainbow: Adorable Dress Ensembles for Infants (Clothing Sets & Dresses)
Little Starlet’s Charm (Dress 268 – Adorable Infant Dresses & Clothing Sets)
Little Starlet’s Ensemble (Dress 266 – Chic Infant Dresses & Clothing Sets)
SuperFlareCC’s Enchanted Slumber (Dreamy PJ Set for Infants)
Dori’s Delight: Trendsetting Infant Hair Essentials (#AlphaCC Collection)
Dazzling Diva Delights: Chic Earrings & Rings for Infants to Toddlers
LynxSimzFamily’s Enchanted Blossoms: Ditsy Floral Outfit for Infants ✨
Little Denim Darling: Chic Infant Skirt Sets (Toddler & Baby Fashion)
AlphaCuddles: Chic Denim Pants for Infants (Trendy Clothing Sets)
Skittlesplays’ Denim Delight (Infant & Toddler Dungarees) – Chic AlphaCC Outfits
Cybele’s Charm: Enchanting Infant Earrings & Rings Collection (AlphaCC Jewels)
Babycc Bliss: Adorable (Cute Accessories for Your Baby Girls)
SparkleBud Blossoms (Crystal Flower V2 Earrings for Toddlers)
Sparkle Sprout (Crystal Earrings & Rings for Infants) – AlphaCC Jewelries
AlphaCurls: The Ultimate Guide to Styling Curly Infant Hair (#InfantCC)
Crystal Cutie: Chic Infant Earrings & Sparkling Accessories (#AlphaCC Jewels)
Anna&Bibi’s Dreamy Haven: Essential Crib Accessories for Infants & Toddlers
Glitz’n Tots (Infant Earrings & Rings): Dazzling Accessories for Little Ones
Chic Cherub’s Charm (Coquette Bow Collection for Infants & Toddlers)
Simbeeez Spectrum Shield: Color Pop Helmet for Infants (AlphaCC Collection)
Minnie’s Magic: A Century of Disney Ears (Infant to Adult Accessory Collection)
Ellieandra’s Enchanted Ensemble: Chic Infant Recolors (Cold Body Outfit Collection)
AlphaCuddles: Chic Infant Clothing Sets (Trendy Female Baby Apparel)
AlphaCuddle Comfort: Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapers for Infants (Clothing Sets & Essentials)
Jolly Tots: Festive Christmas Tops for Infants (Cozy & Cute Holiday Wear)
Chick-a-Cute: Adorable Infant Onesies for Little Ladies (Clothing Sets & Alpha CC)
Cherub Curls: The AlphaCC Guide to Trendy Infant & Female Hairstyles
Charlie’s Cozy Corner: Chic Infant Vests (Now for Tiny Tots!)
Celestine’s Charm: Versatile Sidetail Hair V2 for Toddlers (Right & Left) #ToddlerCC
Kitty Cuddles: Adorable Cat-Themed PJ Sets for Infants (#ClothingTrends)
WhimsyWinks: Playful Cartoony Ears (Infant to Toddler CC) by SomewhereInStrangeTown
AlphaCub Couture: Adorable Cartoon Tees for Trendy Infants (Clothing Sets & More)
LynxsimzFamily’s Enchanted Tots: Cartoon Leggings for Infants (Chic Accessories & More)
Carly’s Charm: Adorable Infant Dresses (Trendy Alpha Clothing Sets & More)
KomiSims Kuddle: Care Bears Onesie Set (Infant Fashion & Accessories)
Sweet Beginnings: Candy Store Pose B (Infant & Family Poses)
Sweet Beginnings: Infant to Family Pose Set (Candy Store Collection)
Kiara’s Cuddle Curls: Camila’s Gentle Touch for Infant Hair (#AlphaCC)
Calantha’s Cozy Ensemble: Verena CC Romper & Socks Set (Infant & Alpha Clothing)
Flutterby Fancies: Enchanting Infant Wings (Accessories, Alphacc)
Flutter Charm (Butterfly V2): Chic Infant Earrings & Dainty Jewelry Accents
Bunny Sprinkles: Adorable Donut Bag & Chic Hair Buns (Infant to Toddler Accessories)
Sforzinda’s Bunny Bucket: Chic Infant to Toddler Hat Transformations (#AlphaCC)
Peacheryy’s Bunny Beanie Bliss (Infant & Female Hair Accessories)
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