Spread body  positivity in the Sims 4

Body Positivity

CC Packs

Looking to spread some body positivity through the way your sims are represented? Check out this list of body positivity CC to get started.

2 body presets for fem frames with the “Runway” preset being more round & natural while the “Sawayana” body has a wide bottom & pronounced bum. Learn more and get them by visiting the link below!

By VibrantPixels

More To Love Body Presets

These presets add more realism to fem bodies with maxed out weight sliders!

Body N2 By Valuka

Find versatile presets for your male Sims as well!

Body Preset By Golyhawhaw

A muscular preset for fem frames with lots of body definition, thicker legs, and narrower shoulders. You can see more pictures and get the download link by swiping up!  

By Saruin

Androgynous Male Presets

This is a collection of softer, slightly curvy frames for masc bodies, perfect for ENBY sims and others with non-traditional body shapes or gender expressions!

By Simulation Cowboy


12 different birthmarks in a variety of swatches and opacities that can be found in skin details or tattoos to suit your needs! Link below.

Marks, Scars, Overlays, and More!

Port-Wine Stain

Vitiligo Overlay

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