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More Traits Mod #1

More Traits 1
Created by: maplebell
Pack includes:
Last time tested:

More Traits Mod #1 has 21 extra Traits:

  • Serious sims tend to be Focused or Confident and are rarely seen in a Playful mood. They don’t get on well with Whimsical sims.
  • A Stoic sims tends to be extremely even-keeled, and it’s very rare to see them feeling anything other than Fine.
  • Peaceful sims just go with the flow. They’re not as affected by negative interactions and they gain Herbalism and Wellness skills faster. With the Parenthood Game Pack, their Emotional Control will increase at a faster rate.
  • Daredevils live for the thrill! They have faster skill gains for Fitness, Rock Climbing, and snow sports, and they don’t freak out in the presence of uncontrolled fire.
  • Logical sims think things through before they act, which makes their Mental skills develop at a faster rate.
  • Whimsical sims often feel Playful or Inspired and excel at creative activities, especially the Writing skill.
  • Shy sims like to socialize but they’re not great at it. Increasing relationships with other sims is a struggle for them, and they can get overwhelmed by being around Outgoing sims.
  • The Grumpy sim is unpleasant to be around, as they’re easy to anger and rarely experience positive emotions. When nearby, other sims will get a moodlet to keep them on alert as to not bother the grump.
  • A sim who is Sexist will have difficulty building relationships with sims of the opposite gender representation as them. With the Parenthood GP these sims will have a harder time building Empathy because of their ignorance.
  • Generous sims love to give away money—even if they can’t afford it. The higher the relationship, the more money you can extort get from them.
  • A Sincere sim is always honest and builds strong relationships. They do not get along with Evil sims and dislike performing Mischief socials.
  • Endurant sims just don’t know what to quit. Their needs decrease much slower and they excel in tasks that require physicality.
  • The Unforgiving sim holds grudges. Having a disagreement with them will result in steep relationship losses, and with the Parenthood GP you’ll find they’re not very good at growing Empathy or Conflict Resolution abilities.
  • A sim who is Cowardly will get scared very easily and freak out at any sign of conflict. They have trouble growing their Fitness skill because they’d rather run and hide than try to confront others.
  • Cunning sims make the perfect Politician or Actor, and their endless Charisma makes them good at convincing others.
  • A Hedonistic sim is all about the enjoyable things in life, and this means their Fun need depletes faster than others. They have a harder time growing their Responsibility with the Parenthood GP.
  • Spoiled sims get their way every time, or else. They get Bored and Angry easily and need to keep entertained or they will quickly get cranky. With Parenthood GP their Empathy, Conflict Resolution, and Responsibility will struggle to increase.
  • The Judgemental sim has a harder time growing relationships because they judge everyone, and they love to gossip. They make for very emotionally distant parents.
  • Warm-Hearted sims cherish their relationships so they decrease more slowly. These sims just want everybody to be happy & healthy.
  • The Heartless sim doesn’t give two plumbobs about others, and won’t even cry at their funeral. These sims are good at Mischief and they thrive in the Criminal career. If you have Parenthood you’ll find that these sims pretty much never experience an increase in Empathy.
  • A Pompous sim is even more judgemental that Judgemental sims and Snobs. They excel at Acting and really don’t concern themselves with the well-being of others, as the others are always below them. Empathy and Conflict Resolution decay at a faster rate with these sims if you have Parenthood because these sims think they’re better than everyone else.

If you download the bundled/merged version of this mod pack, you will need the XML injector to use it.

More Traits Mod #2

More Traits 2
Created by: maplebell
Pack includes:
Last time tested:

More Traits Mod #2 has 13 additional Traits:

  • Spiritual sims are closely connected with their spiritual or religious beliefs and enjoy meditating and attending ceremonies.
  • The Philosopher sim loves reading Philosophy books and having deep conversations with other sims.
  • Street Smart sims are hustlers, and they’re better at haggling and other types of negotiation.
  • Time-Sensitive sims get anxiety over not completing tasks quickly enough, but they get a boost to their task speed.
  • A Spiritual Healer can calm other sims down and help sort their emotions. These sims enjoy meditation.
  • The Minimalist doesn’t like a lot of clutter. They enjoy smaller homes without a lot of “stuff” in them beyond the essentials.
  • Fashionistas love fashion and thrive in stylist or modeling environments.
  • Animal Whisperers have a unique bond with wild animals and are better at training pets and horses.
  • The Health Nut makes smart food choices and exercises regularly. They don’t abide by habits that will negatively affect their health.
  • A Chatty sim has a natural Charisma, and they love talking to other sims. They’ll talk your ear off if you let them!
  • Jaded sims are “over it” and have a more pessimistic view. These sims are always looking on the dark side of things.
  • Unconventional sims march to their own beat, with little concern over what’s considered “normal.”
  • An Old Soul feels connected to the past and they enjoy the more traditional way of doing things.

More Traits Mod #3

More Traits 3
Created by: maplebell
Pack includes:
Last time tested:

More Traits Mod #3 has 18 new Traits:

  • Gamers are happiest when playing video games and will get Tense if it’s been too long since they last played. They will do particularly well in tech-focused careers.
  • Romantic Idealists are all about the Happily-Ever-After idea of romance. They love elaborate romantic gestures and will get upset if their romantic reality doesn’t meet those dreamy aspirations.
  • Cuddle Bug sims are big huggers and they gain positive Moodlets from snuggling with Pets and loved ones.
  • If your sim is a Fairy-Tale Fanatic they will enjoy spending their time reading fairy tales and will often dream of living a more fantastical life.
  • Bakers love to bake and gain mood boosts from eating or making baked goods.
  • The Memory Keeper is a nostalgia hound and can gain a positive mood from reminiscing on old memories.
  • Vintage Lover sims adore clothing & home items that are from the Vintage style category.
  • Home Chef sims love to cook and experiment with new recipes, and they especially enjoy making food for others.
  • Body Conscious sims have low self-esteem and will often have to seek validation and comfort from other sims.
  • A Love-Struck sim will fall in love hard and fast. They make for passionate partners but can end up pretty devastated as a result of a break-up.
  • Monogamous sims get a mood boost from being in a stable, committed relationship and don’t do clings or casual hookups.
  • The Heartbreaker has an easy time getting into and out of relationships, to the detriment of their discarded lovers.
  • A Natural Beauty is confident in their appearance without cosmetics, and they’ll often catch the eye of others.
  • Elegantly Aged sims look lovely into their twilight years and will remain secure in their appearance as the years pass.
  • Body Positive sims rarely feel insecure about their appearance and can inspire other sims with their confidence.
  • The Hairstyle Hobbyist is happiest after trying a new hairstyle, and are most content when they constantly change their ‘do.
  • Unkempt sims don’t concern themselves with maintaining pristine grooming habits, though they might feel embarrassed on occasion.
  • Age Insecure sims dread getting older and will often try to find ways to reverse the aging process.

You will need the Mood Pack by Lumpinou for the different Trait buffs from this pack to work correctly.