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We have collected the best functional CC packs that could highly enliven your game! Continue reading to learn more about these awesome CC packs!

If your Sims are living the Otaku life, surely their day would not be complete without reading into the latest chapters of their favorite manga. Get this functional managa CC now!

My absolute favorite: Paper Sketchpad By Ravasheen Our Sims can now use a traditional paper sketchpad to do all the interactions available with the digital tablet in The Sims 4.

Another fan favorite is: Skateboard And Scooter By Waronkcc And Cepzid Sims of all ages could now own and ride scooters and skateboards.

Here's another than we know you'll like: Sleeping Bag By Pickypikachu If your sims love to do outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, or gallivanting in the woods, this is the perfect thing to bring with them.

There's still plenty more functional CCs that you should definitely check out! Follow the link for more info and to get downloading! Happy simming, simmers!