These 10 Mods for the Sims 4 are absolute must-haves! 



MC Command Center (MCCC)

No doubt the most popular & useful mod for Sims 4. It allows you to do everything in the game. From adjusting your careers and outfits to setting the population of your neighborhood and enabling teen pregnancy.

02 The best way to cheat in Sims 4 is to use this amazing UI cheats extension! This mod allows you to use almost all the cheats for the game simply by clicking. You’ll only need to select the cheat you want and that’s it. No typing and no enabling cheats whatsoever!


Height Sliders

This mod is another subtle way to make each sim feel unique, and it will allow you to more accurately recreate real-life people who are shorter or taller than normal within the game.


Functional Elevators

Working Elevators Everywhere by LittleMsSam is a simple yet effective mod that adds elevators to the game. You can find them in the Electronics/Misc section and place a total of 10 elevators on one lot. They will all take you up and down your floors.  It's especially useful if you're creating a hotel or perhaps a hospital? Cool possibilities now!


Color Sliders For Hair And Clothes

We’re now able to play around with the colors of our Sims’ clothes & hair! Although this mod doesn’t give us the ultimate freedom in choosing the colors we like, it’s been long awaited and we could only treasure it.



Sims 4 First Love Mod

This mod introduces new interactions to the game such as “Confess to have a Crush”. You can hug, exchange numbers, and even monkey around.

07 Preschool mod, Better School Mod, Smarter Homework mod, and Online Schooling. Each of these mods does a fantastic job of improving the educational system in the game in more than one way. So, definitely try them out!


Teen Pregnancy Mod

With this mod, your teen Sims can get pregnant, go through all the different phases and give birth to one, two or more beautiful babies.   So, if you feel ready to spice the lives of your teens, you should definitely consider downloading this mod! Detailed guide on the Teen Pregnancy Mod can be found by clicking on the photo above!


Sims 4 Lifespan Mod

This mod hanges the lifespan of all age groups in the game to be more realistic.

With it, your Sims can get drunk, their emotions will be more realistic, they can be attacked by real sicknesses, and so on. Additionally, female Sims can have periods, smartphones are regularly used, and Sims are generally aware of their bodies.

Slice of Life Mod