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Would you like to expand your window collection for the Sims 4? There is no better way to elevate your home than to add fresh windows CC to your build list. If you are up for it, keep reading to discover the coolest windows that will transform your home.

sims 4 windows cc

CC windows for sims 4: Minimal, unique, Classic styles & more

Building a home is one of the best experiences that come with Sims 4. You get to create a unique home, just for your family, using the build/buy tools available in the game. For those who enjoy every bit of building time, there is always a need to get more creative with exteriors and interiors and experiment with newer stuff.

That especially applies to doors and windows, which play such a big role in the appearance of our Sims 4 homes. Luckily, there are many content makers who have created incredible window solutions for us to enjoy.

To offer you a helping hand, we have prepared the most eye-catching windows CC design solutions. Let’s dive into it.

1. aurore windows and doors set by siboulette

Aurore Set Preview1

If you love building minimal homes, this set will conquer your heart. Reaching from floor to ceiling, these brighten up the space and are a perfect pick for modern homes. As part of the set, you will find 6 grid and 15 plain windows. Both types come in 6 colors, and short, medium, and tall versions, so you’ll have no trouble matching them to a typical height of Sims 4 walls. Check out this windows cc pack here!

2. chateau windows and doors by mincSims


Chateau architecture is a piece of art, and now your Sims 4 home can look like a similar masterpiece, thanks to this incredible windows CC. These classic pieces come in nine variants and match all three sizes of walls. Paired with them also come matching doors, so you can fully enjoy the architectural consistency. If you’d like to enrich your living space with these classic windows CC, download here.

3. infinity windows

tumblr bfb4423efbffdb0ae1b7a1143225d79e 6ae7701a 1280

Imagine how cool would it be to have an endless view of the city or your garden. To create an infinity window that suits the size of your room, simply use three pieces to put together a window of a perfect length. The middle part doesn’t have edges, so you’ll never get limited by the size of the wall. It comes in 6 colors to play with. To get a sample for your gameplay, go here.

4. johan doors and windows

2021 06 19 2 59 32 AM

Sometimes a Malibu home is all a Sims needs. These elegant casement windows will turn even the simplest home into a cozy paradise, letting sun rays and fresh air in. There are four styles, and all are made for medium and short walls. Choose closed or slightly open, the choice is all yours. Get this windows cc pack here.

5. screened-in porch series

tumblr daf0c671d2d2e6c928f35be97844f069 780916d1 1280

Screen windows are all a porch needs to become a haven for relaxation. These 12 decorative windows will give your Sims the privacy they need, and help you create an idyllic corner in any house. They can be added to walls of small and medium height, and they come in counter, short and medium sizes. Each is available in 20 colors. You can get these Zen windows CC by following this link.

6. glassblock windows

5ed4561b1924490878a7ea1d0a198cc2 big

If you love the aesthetics of the 80s and the 90s, you will love these windows CC. Incredibly versatile and effective, these can be placed diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. The thick-looking glass will ensure maximum privacy, and depending on the size of your room, you can experiment with a window with 4 or 9 glass boxes. Take a peek and get yours here!

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7. bae window & door set

tumblr od886qh2dC1qkgxf4o6 1280

Colorful windows like these are quite an asset, especially in minimalistic homes. Although colors are eye-catching, the box design will keep curious views of strangers away from your private sanctuary. Besides rainbow colors, if you like simplicity, you can also choose simple ones, like black, white, or wooden patterns. To enjoy these fun frames on your facade, download here.

8. Mediterranean build set by simPlistic

preview windows

If you love the Mediterranean style, add some sweetness to your exterior, and chose these lovely pink windows with vintage blinders. The set includes matching doors and windows CC for a complete home redesign. You can choose white, beige, and sand color for the window frame, and more than thirty colors for blinders. To get these lovely windows, go here.

9. glass panel set of windows & doors

2020 11 27 6 25 56 PM

Every creative home builder knows that windows are not reserved only for the exterior facade. This set includes a glass panel made for the interior, which merges doors and windows to help you create a practical separation in a room. The panel is modern, especially suitable for the office, and is a match for all three sizes of walls. You can get the windows cc download set for free here.

10. doriane set by syboulette

Doriane New preview Individual 3 square

Doriane Windows CC are contemporary pieces that will become your best ally in designing sophisticated homes. Pergola roof openings and leaf windows will add a touch of luxury and brighten up the space in an instant. You can use singular or combined glass pieces, and add them to tall, short, and medium walls. Get yours on this page!

11. gothic windows by cloverCollector

tumblr 446d49069e78ca7e50cd65c5d7cb5a57 8997647f 500

Looking for gothic windows CC? This building set has all you need to equip a Victorian home. It includes 8 different window styles, all with tinted glass and mosaic artwork, as well as matching single and double doors. You will also get stunning roof decor to imitate the attic. The large set of windows also has functional blinders, which you’ll fall in love with. To get these impressive pieces, download here.

12. curved windows by tuds


After so many years of improvising, we can finally enjoy building proper round corners of the home. This set of windows is a perfect match for those curved lines, towers, and semi-towers we love making. These are 7 conversions of original straight windows from the Base game, so you can have a consistency with window styles both on round and regular walls. Check them out here.

13. clock tower window by elvisSims

tumblr pydndpVrYv1y7x15bo1 1280 1

Your Sims can now live inside a clock, thanks to this huge, hyper-realistic tower window. This one is perfect for fantasy lovers, daydreamers, and those who like creating unique spaces. Besides originality, this clock tower glass comes in six frame styles, so you’ll never get bored of it. You can get this authentic detail for your Sims 4 home here.

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14. ledged kitchen sink window

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This list needs some simplicity, too. This window is a replica of all the common windows we see in our neighborhoods. A perfect match for the kitchen, this one is easily adapted to the height of kitchen counters and appliances. You’ll also find it has some useful decor inside that will make your Sims feel at home, such as chef knives and a dishwasher detergent. To get this homely piece, go here.

15. friends windows by kiolometro

tumblr o177faEisN1u8cqdco1 1280 1

Slanted windows like these will turn your home into an industrial, urban paradise in a blink of an eye. Their geometric look will add a dose of design to an otherwise plain exterior, making your home the most unique in the neighborhood. Expect to see 16 swatches, from black and white to wooden styles and boho colors. Browse these windows CC here.

16. acies windows by syboulette

Acies set preview1

Thanks to these large windows, you’ll never have trouble making a mansion according to the latest architectural trends. Suitable for all three sizes of walls, the oversize pieces can make the space subjectively bigger, and visually expand the ceiling. The set includes a square, narrow horizontal, skylight window, and a window with tiles. To get this windows CC, go here!

17. lyne build set by nynaevedesign

tumblr 0637b2e8ce7a7404d67bc7a58d409431 b4d9522f 1280

If you are renovating your home, this set of doors and windows will prove to be simoleons well spent. No matter if you prefer light frames, or are more of a black frame type of a person, this window has both. It’s made for short walls, which makes it a perfect pick when you want to let more light into your living space. To download, check it out on this page.

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18. costa windows by mincSims

2022 03 09 3 11 41 AM

Ideal for oriental homes, Latin-style ranch houses, and homes in nature, these windows CC are a must in the build collection. You can play with 9 windows, bigger or smaller ones, open or close blinders, or experiment with 24 colors. Even if you live in a crowded place with a tiny backyard, these will still help you feel connected to nature. To download this lovely CC into your mods folder, go here.

19. get to work window add-ons

tumblr 72bbc364ce18877598c0ac7858de5c00 b1a6dd1d 1280

Unlike the original windows from the ”Get to Work” these include a diagonal mesh we so much need. The redesign includes both short and medium windows that are easy to incorporate when building. There are two main window styles: curved on top, and rectangular. The set also comes with stunning doors and eight color options to customize the space. Browse these windows CC and download here.

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20. rustic tall windows recolor

tumblr 0af5190dee19fea85f2fa3e3344554f1 d67db091 500

Rustic pieces are always needed. No matter if you are creating a cottage, an old house, or simply love drastic contrast in exterior, these windows custom content are a match for you. They come in three distinct styles and click perfectly with tall walls, where each of the three comes in seven variants. You will feel like you are back in time, for sure. You are welcome to download from this Tumblr page.


This was our list of the best windows CC found online. You had a chance to see different window styles and sizes, from contemporary pieces to historic and gothic. These were windows for everyone’s taste, ready for you to apply creatively in your next building sessions.

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