Stunning dreadlocks Custom Content for the Sims 4

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Dreadlocks are downright gorgeous! They are easy to maintain and they definitely can make your sims look more beautiful, more secure and self assured. In other words, your sims will surely have more confidence in themselves and for that reason, we compiled a list of the coolest dreads custom content for the sims 4. Let’s have a look!

Trendy Dreadlocks for Male and Female Sims



Of all dreadlocks on this list, this one definitely stands out! It’s base game compatible, what are you waiting for? Install from this page. Check out awesome accessories for the sims 4.

Imani Hair Set

dreadlocks cc 1

Our second favorite for sure. This hairstyle works for both male and female sims and is available in 24 swatches. There’s also a version without hair bangs. Head over to this page for installation. Grab this blouse too, because why not!

Yvette Dreads

dreadlocks cc 6

Isn’t she the cutest with this hairstyle? By the way, imagine your male sims with these dreads, gorgeous, no? It comes with an Ombre overlay. There’s an additional accessory in the hat category. Download this one by visiting this link.

Rainbow Hair Dread Version

dreadlocks cc 2

Bet this is a first! It looks stunning and straight out of the box. Your sim characters will surely boost off wearing this hairstyle. Here’s your download-link.

Dreads With Buns

dreadlocks cc 5

Neat! This one is available in most of EA’s colors and is hat-compatible. Your sims from teen to elder can rock it. Grab this hairstyle from this page.

dreadlocks cc 4

Red dreads are the best! Go ahead and experiment yourself with the unique swatches this hairstyle is available in. To install, click here.

Zaddy Dreads

dreadlocks cc 8

Worry not, we aren’t forgetting about your male sims. This hairstyle is available from teen elder and comes in 8 unique swatches. Coolest thing about it though is, you can find an additional accessory (a bandana) under Hats. Install here.

Lil Zaddy Dreadlocks

dreadlocks cc 7

Another cool hairstyle by Zaddy. You can have it with and without bangs and they’re available in 5 cool swatches. It’s also hat-comptaible. Download. We recommend checking out smooth skin defaults for the Sims 4.

Check Out More Dreadlocks Hairstyles for the Sims 4

We hope you enjoyed this list of amazing dreads for the Sims 4. There’s part two that we recommend having a look at. Happy Modding!

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