30+ Sims 4 Toddler Clothes CC Packs You Will Love

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Did you ever want to make your sims toddler wear something more fun? We’re pretty sure you always wanted to dress them up in cute dresses and bright colors. Now they can be a little more fashionable and cute! After all, toddler clothes are a must-have in the Sims 4. They can’t walk around in their underwear all the time, right?

sims 4 toddler clothes

Toddler Clothes Custom Content for Your Sims 4

There are many different packs of toddler clothes available to use in the game, but the custom made clothes in this list are definitely worth checking! Here is a list of some of the most popular toddler clothes CC packs available for the Sims 4.

1. Sims 4 Heart Collection

image 2022 01 21 122143

Tired of the same old clothes for your toddler Sims? This heart collection is a breath of fresh air! There is a swatch for every child’s taste with this mod pack. It comes in a number of 19 colors. You could have a closer look at these jumpsuits by clicking here.

2. Cottage Tots Billie Overalls

sims 4 toddler clothes

Every toddler needs clothes and the Sims 4 is no exception. We all know how hard it is to choose the perfect clothes for our sims, but, thankfully, there are a few mods out there that make this easier for us. These cottage overalls come in a variety of 25 swatches for both male and female. You can install it in-game by following this link.

Oh and by the way, you should check out our latest post on the best custom cottagecore for the Sims 4.

3. Gina Toddler Clothes

image 2022 01 21 134728

You can’t go wrong with a little bundle of joy. I mean, look at this little cutie! She’s coming for all of our Sim hearts. This is a turtle neck with a high-waist skirt that is available in an adorable color palette, perfect for adding just the right amount of cuteness to your Sims 4 game. Check it out.

4. Sims 4 Toddler Clothes

image 2022 01 21 134000

Life with toddlers is never easy, and so the clothes need to be stylish and comfortable for their little and growing bodies. This pack by Anna&Bibi is available in 8 swatches to choose from. Visit this page to see more of this custom clothes pack.

5. Toddler T-shirt

image 2022 01 21 135402

Our toddler sims are getting more and more adorable with every new custom content release! And this t-shirt is too cute not to share! It would make a great gift or a personal touch for your own little one!⁣⁣ It comes in 2 versions, each is available in 6 colors. Check it out by visiting this page.

6. Autumn Top

sims 4 toddler clothes

Summer time and the living is easy. Whether you’re at the beach, or just lounging on the couch, this toddler top is perfect for your sims! It comes in the showcased versions and they’re all adorable! Here’s your download-link.


image 2022 01 21 140803

That adorable little Totoro is calling all of our toddler sims! This is a Ghibli inspired shirts set that is custom made for your cut toddlers. They are the perfect addition to your Sims 4 game. It is available in four different prints.

The design is so well done and has such an adorable Totoro theme.⁣⁣ If you love the style of Hayao Miyazaki, you are sure to love it. Check it out here.

8. Sweater over Flowy Dress

image 2022 01 21 141632

Do you have a little simmie? Or do you love to dress up cute sims? If so, this set of outfits is perfect for you! It’s definitely got us covered, no matter the occasion!

There are 15 prints to choose from. So, have them in-game and show off that cuteness in style.⁣⁣ Here’s your download-link.

9. PJs Toddler Clothes

sims 4 toddler clothes

If you’re looking for some great Sims 4 toddler pajamas, you have to check these out! This perfect PJs pack is an awesome addition and can keep your sims kids cozy and comfortable. So, when it is time for bed, you know that you simmies can snuggle up with a cozy pajama, and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

There are a bunch of swatches to pick from. Check them all out by heading over to this page.

10. Turtleneck Sims 4 toddler Clothes

sims 4 toddler clothes

What could be more toasty than a toddler in a turtleneck? And what could be cuter than a toddler in a turtleneck? The answer to both questions is, of course, any combination of the two. This set brings life to 40 unique swatches that we highly recommend that you check out.

11. X’mas pajamas for toddler

simstoddler clothes cc 11

These Christmas pajamas for your Sims toddlers are a great example of how to get your young Sim on the right track in life. When your toddler is feeling festive, they will be more likely to smile and laugh. When they’re wearing these cute pajamas, it’s hard not to smile too!

The CC pack is compatible with the base game. And you can find up to 20 different colors but we bet you’ll favor the red one. Here’s your download link.

12. Triangle Animals – Toddler Shirts

simstoddler clothes cc 13

Fun designs like these are perfect for your toddler in the Sims 4! Choose from cute animal prints like cats, pandas, eagles, foxes, whales, and more. They even have cool colors such as green and blue to make sure your little one is having a blast while they play.

simstoddler clothes cc 130

These adorable shirts are great for kids that love playing in the Sims 4. And since toddlers don’t have much of a sense of personal style, these shirts are perfect for their attention span. Visit this page to get this pack.

13. crybaby – down jacket – toddler – the sims 4

simstoddler clothes cc 12

Most toddlers are not properly dressed for cold days and this is where the Down Jacket comes in. It is a versatile jacket that will keep your little one warm during the winter months. This is why it has became trendy with sims all over the world.

The 10 swatches mean that you can choose the design that suits your kid best. In addition, you can match the jacket with any of your favorite outfits to make it extra special for them! Here’s your download link.

14. toddler stuff cas made bgc

simstoddler clothes cc 14

Every little girl wants her outfit to be cool and trendy. There are a lot of cool, trendy outfits for your toddler sims on the market. This is a pack of the most unique and coolest kid’s clothing items that you need to check out! Download this toddler cc from this page.

15. LemonadeSims 4 Island Bikini Recolor

simstoddler clothes cc 15

This is a bikini recolor for your toddler swimsuit. It has 15 swatches and prints that include different fun designs such as dots, stripes and polka dots.

Swimwear gives us a lot of freedom to express ourselves, which is why we have seen an increasing number of custom content creators coming up with new and fun looks. This pack requires Island Living! Go ahead and install it into your mods folder.

16. Elegant Princess Dress For Toddler

simstoddler clothes cc 16 1

This is a simple yet elegant princess dress for your toddler sims that is perfect for any occasion. The gorgeous royal blue, royal purple, and royal red dress would be perfect for your toddler sims. Moreover, the colors in the gradient of this princess-style dress make it so adorable! It has a lovely bow at the waist and comes in gradient colors so it will match anything your little lady might already have. Here’s your download link.


simstoddler clothes cc 17

This hooded jumpsuit is great for your toddlers in The Sims 4. I’d say it’s perfect for your toddler who loves to be adventurous and social! It has pockets to store your loot in and it’s super cute! It’s available in several colors to choose from. Grab this toddler outfit from this link.

18. Chunky Cardigan

simstoddler clothes cc 18

This cardigan is not for everyone. But, if you have a Sim with a flair for fashion and want to give your parents some serious competition in the parent-child fashion game, this is the perfect piece for you!

This delightful cardigan provides warmth and comfort with its cozy soft fabric. We love that it has buttons just like a real-life cardigan. It’s available in many swatches. Click here to download this cc pack.

19. Sims4 Toddler CC Padded Fleece bodysuit

simstoddler clothes cc 20

This is a plush and cuddly toddler bodysuit for toddlers in the Sims 4! The fleece fabric and fluffy fur are so soft, your little one will never want to take this off. This warm toddler bear garment will keep your child as snug as a bug! Here’s your download link.

20. Baby Dream SET – sims 4 toddler clothes

simstoddler clothes cc 21

Chances are, your little one is going through a phase of wearing all clothes that they’ve found on the ground. This collection has the perfect solution with its new baby dream set. It includes comfy shorts and four different clothing items for your toddler to wear. It includes a comfy shirt, a coat, and two pairs of cozy onesies, all of which are cute and fun. Click here to install.

21. Alien Sweater

simstoddler clothes cc 19

There’s always something new coming out from Plbsims. People can find everything from clothes and furniture to buildings and decorations on their website. They have a wide range of items to choose from and with 30 swatches in this set, you’re going to love how well your toddler looks wearing these alien sweaters! Click here to install.

22. Jordyn Hooded Dress

simstoddler clothes cc 22

If you want to dress up your female toddlers in a stylish, casual look, then this is the perfect piece for you. The swatches this dress comes in are super lovely. The creator of the dress purposely made it a bit casual and sporty because they knew that the toddlers would love being able to wear something they know all their friends will be wearing.

The CC pack is compatible with the base game. Here’s your download link.

23. sims 4 toddler clothes

simstoddler clothes cc 23

This piece of clothing for your toddler sims is the coolest thing ever. With a cute cat eye print on the piece and 7 different colors, you can be sure that your toddlers will have no problem finding their favorite one. It’s base game compatible and comes in different colors and patterns from which you can choose. Visit this Tumblr page to download this cc pack.

24. Lia Swimsuit (TS4)

sims 4 toddler clothes

As summer approaches, one of the most important things you need to do is get your little ones ready for a fun-filled day outdoors while keeping them protected from the sun. This is a set of new swimsuits and swimwear for your young Sims 4 toddlers in summer. Everyone is going to need stylish swimsuits like these. With 15 swatches, there is something for everyone in this set. Click here to install.

25. Sims4 Toddler CC Cozy yeons Fruit Swimsuit

sims 4 toddler clothes

People who play the Sims are just so creative! Remember when your Sims community used to be so small? I do! It was hard not being able to share my love of this game with anybody else because I was the only one who knew how much fun it could be. And now there is a ton of new custom content being created every single second.

This piece of clothing is perfect for toddlers who want to mix things up and get some new looks. This swimsuit features different fruits and is great to pair with some tights or leggings. Here’s your download page.

26. Burberry Coat & Jeans

sims 4 toddler clothes

This is a set that includes a coat and a pair of jeans for your toddler sims. It has a slightly formal look with the coat but is still super comfortable with the pair of jeans. This set would work well for any toddler looking to impress their friends at school or on the playground. They’ll love this fashionable outfit. Click here to download this cc pack.

27. DIANA – sims 4 toddler clothes

sims 4 toddler clothes

Children need to look their best, and these clothes will help them do that. The base game compatible dress includes 24 swatches. This is a solid color top with pleated skirt with 24 swatches as a dress. There’s no need for you to spend time searching for more patterns that can be used in game, when this one will do the trick. Here’s your download link.

28. GLORIA – sims 4 toddler clothes

sims 4 toddler clothes

This is a pleated dress for toddlers. It features a turtleneck underneath which is great for cooler days. This outfit makes your sims look chic and trendy, no matter what the occasion is. Keep them warm for winter days or cool on warmer days with this outfit! Match it with a pair of nice boots. It comes in a whopping 15 swatches. Moreover, we recommend trying it out with some headbands to match the rest of your looks. Click here to install.

29. Hania Outfit Pack

sims 4 toddler clothes

The Sims 4 creative community is one of the biggest online communities for people to share their creativity and build a virtual life. Madlen is one of the most popular Sims 4 designers and creators in this community.

It’s not always that we get backpacks for our toddler sims. It’s not very realistic, but it does make home life easier in a way. And if you’re a parent of a toddler, then you want to avoid the hassle of finding creative ways to dress up your little one all the time. Here’s your download link.


sims 4 toddler clothes

Teletubbies are so iconic and famous that you can’t really go wrong when you decide to dress up your toddler sim in a Teletubby costume. They have been with us since the early 1990s, and they have a huge following of loyal fans.

These costumes have been long-awaited, and they’re finally here. Whether your toddler sim is going to be dressing up as a Teletubby or wearing one of these costumes for Halloween or just for fun, you’ll be giving them the best possible chance at success. Click here to download this cc pack.

31. Halloween Special – sims 4 toddler clothes

sims 4 toddler clothes

In the Sims 4, your toddler will remain cute no matter how hard you make them try. It is so easy to customize your child’s looks and create fun looks without much effort. This Halloween outfit for toddlers would be perfect for a little girl or boy who wants to dress up on Halloween.

I find it hard to believe that you can make a toddler look spooky or ugly no matter how hard you try because they seem pretty cute if I’m being honest! But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to dress up for events. Visit this page to download.


sims 4 toddler clothes


The baby coat from the story of Leila and the Wolf is a unique coat that comes in 8 swatches. The story itself is about a little girl who is staying with her grandparents in the evening and telling them stories about all the creatures she sees outside in the forest.

Now you can dress your toddler up like Leila from the story of Leila and the Wolf with this adorable baby coat! The perfect retelling of an old classic, it’s also a practical, warm winter outfit for your little one! Feel free to check it out here.


sims 4 toddler clothes

This is the perfect outfit for your little one when they are ready to go up to their first birthday party. You definitely want them looking as adorable as they can be in this adorable outfit, not just because it pairs well with their new favorite shoes, but also because it’s so soft and comfortable on them!

When you first take your brand-spanking-new baby out of the box, these dresses from Sims 4 are one of the first things you need to put on them. With this adorable design, you won’t have to worry about finding a more suitable outfit for your little girl or boy until their second birthday party! Visit this page to download.

34. Miami Story Mommy & Toddler Set

sims 4 toddler clothes

This set is amazing because it has a plethora of clothes for both mom and baby. There are also so many colors that you can choose from so it can go with any outfit. Head over to this link to grab this piece.

35. Everyday Fashion of the Forties Set

sims 4 toddler clothes

40s Fashion for your toddler sims is a set of content that is compatible with the base game, and also has plenty of outfits and styles. From time to time, I would love to wear these pieces as I have a great love for retro style and retro fashion.

The set has a wide variety of different outfits that are both female and male-centered. The set can be used by everyone but on specific occasions, I’d say. To install this piece of custom content, click here.

36. Little Bunny Outfit

Little Bunny by RenoraSims

If you’re looking for an Easter outfit for you Toddler Simmies, here’s a cute bunny outfit for them! Available for both boys and girls with cute pastel swatches. Visit this page to download.

37. Toddler kit with bag – sims 4 toddler clothes

simstoddler clothes cc 36

Last but not least on this list is this set of awesome toddler outfits. I cannot deny that I am a little bit obsessed with these toddler outfits. They look so amazing and I can’t help but share them with you guys. The set features a toddler kit with a bag.

It looks super casual and hippy! They have great prints and patterns that look amazing on all types of kids. And honestly, there are so many options available and they offer an exquisite glimpse into the next generation of fashion. Visit this page to download.

It’s not just about finding something to cover your toddlers up with though. Fashion is just as important for toddlers as it is for adults! They might be young, but they still need to look stylish and age appropriate while they’re running around town or playing on their pirate ship. And so, we hope you enjoyed this list of Sims 4 toddler clothes.

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