10 Teenager Mods for a More Interesting Adolescence!


Why do teens in the Sims 4 feel like just adults with less gameplay? That’s so boring! While we finally got some more teen-specific gameplay in the recent High School Years pack, there’s still very little about them that makes them feel like a unique life state. Fortunately there are a variety of teenager mods and other CC out there for players who want their teens to feel more like, well, teens!

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Teenager Mods for A More Unique Life State

Teens in the Sims were first introduced as a life state in the Sims 2, much to the excitement of players. Despite being a separate age however, the Sims 4 has done very little to differentiate them from adult sims outside of a few gameplay tweaks.

Combine the mods below to make your teens look and act more appropriately for their life state, and make them feel less like it’s just Young Adult “Lite.”

Before we dive into our list, here are just a few of the many CC available for teenage Sims:

1. The Sims 4 teen Style Stuff by simsi45

I can remember how excited I was for the Teen Style Stuff Pack for the Sims 2. It added content for “goth,” “thrasher,” and “socialite” teens with everything from clothing to decor to build content and really put a spotlight on the different styles teens have compared to older sims. Simsi45 went ahead and converted everything from that pack into a teenager mod for use in the Sims 4, and for long-time players this collection will hit you with a nice dose of nostalgia! Check out the HD trailer and download it here!

2. The Sims 4 Teen Style Stuff by Synth & Luumia

Unlike the teen mod pack featured by Simsi45, this is a completely new set of CAS content instead of a conversion from older games. The pack includes looks for “athlete,” “it girl,” and “punk kid” sims giving you even more ways to style your younger characters! See the goods and download them here!

Tip: you can use Sims4Studio to remove adult tags from custom content clothing, making them teen-exclusive in the CAS catalog like they were in the Sims 2. Check out my tutorial to learn how!

3. Better Zits by thriftytrait

“Better” isn’t really the word we’d use, but this retexture overrides the acne details that came with Parenthood with more realistic and uh, detailed, looking pimples. If you don’t have the pack you can still mortify your teens, as there’s a base game version as well. Pick your pack-appropriate pimples here!

4. 8 Pack of Teen Exclusive Traits by Triplis

Teens👏and👏adults👏are👏not👏the👏same. These traits are for teens only, and give them more personality separate from their older counterparts. They cover everything from perfectionists to punks, from band geeks to class flirts, and more! Check out the trait details and download here!

5. Teen Aspirations Bundle by ilkavelle

This bundle gives more aspirations for teen sims, because how many teenagers really know what they want out of life at that age? Each aspiration has multiple stages and reward traits just like the vanilla game, and there are versions for players with or without High School Years so everyone can use it! Check out their patreon page for more information about this mod.

6. Let Friends Age Up by LittleMsSam

Another mechanic that’s missed from older games is the option to age up your sim’s friends. While this isn’t strictly a teen mod it will be most useful for younger-aged sims, as relationships between friends and partners can change drastically when one ages up and the other doesn’t. With this mod you can select up to 20 sims (that are currently on the lot) and age them all up at once, which comes in very handy if your sim has a lot of friends! You can get the mod here.

7. Auto Shorter Teens by Meanaceman44

This mod offers a tiny tweak that makes a massive difference in the game, and automatically adjusts all newly created or aged-up teens to be shorter than adults. In addition to the realism this brings, it also makes teens easier to identify at a glance in social panels, as their portrait is also slightly lower. I have had this mod in my game for years and will never play without it! Get it for yourself here.

8. Sleep In by LittleMsSam

How many teens have you met that are up at 6am on the weekend?! With this mod kids and teens will sleep late on weekends and holidays like they should! There’s also an add-on for self & unemployed sims; get them both here!

9. Preteen Gameplay Mod by ItsKatato

Pre-teen mod!

This mod is a little different in that it adds a new pseudo-life state, the Pre-Teen. The mod is designed to make teen sims look & act younger and does things like shorten their height, give them voice cracks, more frequent phases, a new hygiene mechanic, and even a new Middle School! There’s also an optional add-on to add a mechanic for romantic crushes. Because everything is linked to trait, it’s super simple to “age up” your Pre-Teens whenever you’re ready just by removing the trait. You can learn more on their website!

10. Genius Teens Can Apply & Enroll to University by ilkavelle

What’s the point of being the smartest kid in class if you don’t get anything out of it? This mod will let those smarty-pants teens start college early, perfect for a hilarious fish-out-of-water story or just to enhance your gameplay with something new. Get the details and download links here.

In Conclusion

With teens being a favorite life state for many players, it’s a real letdown that they feel so similar to adults. It’s basically like once they age up from childhood nothing really changes other than going to school instead of working, and it’s just not fun. With these teenager mods you can give your characters a little bit more nuance and let them stand apart from the grown ups, even if you don’t have the new pack. Enjoy the mods, and happy simming!

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