Maxi Skirts Custom Content You need in the Sims 4

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There are definitely clothing items that never go out of style —timeless! And if we could think of one fashion piece that we fits the category it’s definitely maxi skirt. Today we’re bringing it into our favorite game; a collection of maxi skirts custom content your sim characters definitely need. From causal to formal, you’ll hopefully find something to your liking. Let’s begin!

Coolest Collection of Maxis Skirts CC and Mods for the Sims


We’re starting off this list with a collection of stunning formal maxi skirts. They are available in 15 swatches for female sims. Your sims won’t have a hard time styling it because it works with almost everything. Head over to this page for easy download.


image 2021 10 21 181523

A wrapped maxi skirt for your female sims. It is pretty cute, unique in style and made with completely new mesh. Here’s your download-link.

Maxis Match Maxi Skirt

A triple m-ed piece of fashion: maxis match maxi skirt. As you can see it’s available in two versions, one that’s in plain colors and another in patterns. To install, follow this link.

High Waisted Maxi Skirts Recolors

image 2021 10 21 181010

If maxi skirts are your sim’s favorite my favorite thing to wear, then this set is a must-have. It comes in 6 different patterns and 2 solid colors. Head over to this post to install.

MAXI SKIRTS Custom content

image 2021 10 21 180544

These colors are eye catchy for sure! It’s a set of a recoloring of Simpliciaty’s maxi skirt. It comes in a variety of 34 swatches. To install, follow this link.


image 2021 10 21 172108

One of our favorites is this high-waisted midi skirt with Gucci prints. Your sims get to choose between 10 swatches. It works best with crop tops and bodysuit. To install, follow this page.

long skirt – the sims 4

image 2021 10 21 181304

An out of the box maxi skirt that is available in 12 patterns. You may have a hard time picking your favorite pattern ‘cause they’re all unique. You can grab this skirt by visiting this page.

Truth Hurts

image 2021 10 21 172448

We’re loving this one in particular for its modest style. It comes in 20 colors. Your sims from young adult to elder can wear it. To install, follow this link.

Strawberry Boho Skirt

image 2021 10 21 172328

A skirt with boho detailed style. There are a bunch of swatches to pick from. But if you’d like know which one we prefer most, it has to be the red one —because it stands out effortlessly.

To install, visit this page.

HallowSims Maxi Skirt

Last but not least on this list: Hallowsims maxi skirt. Its smooth texture comes in 22 colors. Here’s your download-link.

This was our list of maxi skirts custom content for the Sims 4. We hope you enjoyed it. You could head back to the main post for an awesome collection of different types of skirts. Or, you could check out related content by visiting the posts below. Enjoy!

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