The Hottest Long Nails CC & Mods your Sims need to have!

Nails for Days

A look isn’t complete without good manicure, and those who aren’t afraid to dare can express themselves loudest with a cool set of long nails. This style has been around as long as manicures have been a thing, serving as symbols of boldness throughout the years. For Sims who want to go the extra mile, we’ve compiled the best long nails out there. Enjoy!

Long and Bold

Sintiklia – Long cut nails

Sintiklia - Long cut nails

For an all-purpose look, Sintikliasims‘ long cut nails are your best bet. They come in over a dozen colours applied on a classic long and thin shape. This item is available at The Sims Resource, where it has earned over 231000 downloads!

NatalIS_TS4 French long nails FT -FE

NatalIS_TS4 French long nails FT -FE

The timeless French manicure has made its way into The Sims thanks to Natalis. Available in traditional, reversed and solid fashions, this interpretation goes a little off the beaten path by focusing on beige, grey and rose chromatic shades in lieu of the usual nude. This Natalis piece can be downloaded here!

Sintiklia – Long oval nails

Sintiklia - Long oval nails

The oval long nails are the perfect choice for those seeking the long aesthetics while retaining the practicity of shorter nails. This set has a good range of colours for variety’s sake, making sure your Sims are as cool as they can be. Get this Sintikliasims masterpiece here!

Sintiklia – Halloween sharp long nails

Sintiklia - Halloween sharp long nails

Whether you’re going through spooky season or just want a bewitching look, Sintikliasims have put together a great set of long sharp nails. The colour options include solids, fades and even sinister cobwebs in white, red or black! Impress all the goths in town by downloading it here.

NataliS_TS4 Long nails Pink set FT-FE

NataliS_TS4 Long nails Pink set FT-FE

Pink is the new black, and the Natalis long pink nails have everything you need for your rosé fantasy. This set has five shades of pink matched with gold, silver or no trim, making up a total of 15 variations to pick from. It’s an elegant choice for Sims that want a classy look while also keeping it fun. Download them now!

Luxurious Long Nails

Luxurious Long Nails

For the ladies of luxury whose looks can only be described as ‘expensive’, RunningBare has created the quintessential luxurious long nails design. The prints included play on various fantasies the wearer is sure to have, while still leaving an aura of mystery and elegance. If your Sims live a lavish life on a world of their own, you’ll want to download this here!