Gnome Guide For Sims 4 – How To Appease Them?


The Gnomes in Sims 4

If you’ve ever had a headache while dealing with gnomes in Sims 4, you definitely need this guide!

Gnomes are one of the trickiest things you need to deal with in this game. Not only are they difficult to appease since they prefer different things, but they will ruin your home if you don’t appease them. And if you don’t know how to appease each gnome, you better be ready for the apocalypse.

All jokes aside, the gnomes are actually pretty easy to figure out. And in this gnome guide for Sims 4, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about dealing with them.

Let’s begin.

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What Are Gnomes and How They Work?

The gnomes have been a part of The Sims for a very long time. They were first featured in The Sims: Livin’ Large, then The Sims 4, The Sims 3, and finally The Sims 4. Even though the way they work in-game has changed, the idea is pretty much the same.

How do you get gnomes in Sims 4?

There are actually 3 ways of getting gnomes in Sims 4. 

The first way is to find them in the build menu. This is the easiest method of getting a gnome since you only need to buy them and put them somewhere in your house.

The second way of getting gnomes in Sims 4 is to have the Gnomes lot trait. This trait comes from the City Living expansion pack and you can only get it from there. Households with the Gnomes trait occasionally get their objects repaired, so it’s a beneficial trait to have.

And the third way of having gnomes in your game is during the Harvestfest. This is a holiday that comes from The Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack and it features the activity called “Holiday Gnomes”. During this activity, gnomes appear around your lot and you’ll have to appease them.

Now let me give you a guide on how to appease the gnome in Sims 4.

How to Appease a Gnome in Sims 4 – Guide

Contrary to popular belief, all gnomes in Sims 4 are appeased the same way. And even though there are different types of gnomes with different outfits, you can give them the same few items.

Here’s what appeases the gnomes in Sims 4:

  • Coffee
  • Salad
  • Pie
  • Toy
  • Fruitcake
  • Future cube

You can give any gnome any item on this list and you’ll have the chance of appeasing them. But the way it actually works is that some gnomes can be appeased with all the items on this list while some only with one. You can never be 100% sure of which item will appease your gnome, so I usually start with giving them coffee first. 

If coffee doesn’t work, try some of the other items on this list.

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Helpful Table for Appeasing Each Gnome in Sims 4 – Guide

Here’s a table guide for appeasing the gnomes in Sims 4: 

Type of GnomesWhat Usually Appeases Them
Upside Down Gnome DecorSalad
Happy Gnomiversary!Coffee
Guardian of the GnomelaxyFuture Cube
Bearly GnomePie
There’s No Place Like GnomeCoffee
Happy Gnome Garden PalCoffee
Gnome Matter What, I’m Still Your BabyCoffee
Don’t Fear the ReagnomperPie
Mr. Floppy the GnomeSalad
High-Rider GnomeCoffee
The Ghastly Ghostly GnomeFruitcake
Poolside GnomePie
Strictly Business GnomeCoffee
Bare Essentials GnomeToy

Keep in mind that these suggestions might not work 100% of the time. But I have enough experience in this game to say that they will work most of the time. So, always try these things first when dealing with your gnome!


Dealing with gnomes doesn’t have to be all annoying. It’s actually pretty easy to appease each gnome in the Sims 4 if you know what they prefer. Appeasing the gnome will give you significantly less trouble than not appeasing it, so I suggest you try my suggestions above.

That said, I hope this Sims 4 gnome guide helped you out. Good luck!

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