Ultimate Sims 4 Wedding Veil Custom Content

If you are here, then your female sim character is about to get married. I know how difficult it is to choose the right dress for your sim. However, do not forget that no wedding dress would be complete without a veil. It simply gives a distinctive look to the pride!

The first unique veil is a long flowing white tulle bridal veil with a flower attached to the head that partially covers the hair. It’s simple, yet it’s stunning.

Long Veil And Flowers

This is a particularly gorgeous lady’s veil with a neckline of lovely blossoms around the head. The veil is delicate, long, and streaming, without extra subtleties.

ROMANTIC VEIL- Sims 4 Wedding Veil

As some say beauty lies in simplicity! This is a bridal veil made of lovely white-designed tulle. It comes as a twofold layered cover of two unique lengths.

Two Veil- Atelier Lena

The creator of this mod has done a great job and it shows! Any random sims can dance and dazzle the guests with it. This is a short white bridal veil that can be tied with a white rose pin and some crystals or red roses.

Elbow Veil- Lena Sims

As you can see from the photo this veil distinguishes itself from others in that it is made of white cloth rather than transparent fabric and is tied to the girl’s head with invisible pins. It suits longer hairstyles.

WEDDING VEIL 05- Sims 4 Wedding Veil

As you can see in the photo, this white bridal veil is unique, and you might mistake it for anything else. But, yes, it is a veil, but it is unusual.

Wedding Veil 02

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