Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs In Sims 4 That Will Make Your Rich

Would you like to get insanely rich organically and without cheats? Choosing one of the highest paying jobs and working hard to get to the top rank can surely give you desired results!

Among other things you’ll unlock as you level up, such as a Hygenic Decontamination Pod, new clothes, or Test Tube Pedastal, you will also unlock a pricey new lab, which costs $28,286, which is a final reward for this career field.

Scientist ($11,115)

Along the way, you will gain access to unique actions and medical devices and tools only doctors can unlock, such as surgery tables, the ability to determine a baby’s gender, or X-ray machines.

Doctor ($11,200)

Level 10 Space Ranger Branch gives you a unique unlock available to Space Rangers only – Apollo Rocket Ship, worth $8,750.

Astronaut Career – Space Ranger Branch ($11,816)

Most unlocks for the Manager branch will be office furniture, such as desks, shelves, and office chairs, but you’ll also get to try out new interactions.

Business Career – Management Branch ($12.000)

The Boss branch has some of the highest money rewards for each level, so from level 6 to 10, your rewards will go from $1148 to $8039 for Level 10, which is a nice sum!

Criminal Career – Boss Branch ($12,460)

When you reach level 10 you will become the Double Diamond Agent, receive a bonus of $3741, and new CAS parts.

Secret Agent Career – Diamond Agent Branch ($12,780)

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