The Ultimate Tiny Living CC Packs for The Sims 4

The Tiny Home Residential Lots introduced in The Sims 4: Tiny Living may look incredibly minuscule, but these mini houses sure pack a lot of fun! After all, the little details inside these houses are what matter most!

For number 17, we have these wooden shelves created by The Farmhouse Simmer. These rustic shelves are a simple yet stunning addition to your wooden-themed tiny living residential.

Wooden Shelf By The Farmhouse Simmer

Your tiny space does not have to be bereft of design! Adorn it with this stellar painting crafted by the cc creator Ghostly.

“To The Moon And Back Painting” By Ghostly

This is an adorable tiny clutter that is designed to fit snuggly in any area of your tiny home residential. With its soft and homey vibe, your Sim would feel relaxed just by viewing it.

Tiny Clutter By Pixelunivairse

This tiny living CC from BrazenLotus is a redesign of the kitchen clutter that comes with the Tiny Living stuff pack. It comes with a teapot, a cookie box, and other kitchen goodies.

Kitchen Clutter By BrazenLotus

You can maximize your floor space by using these rug recolors by cc creator Ashuria. With their bright geometric patterns, these rugs are a fantastic complement to any room inside your tiny home.

Rug Recolor By Ashuria

With this tiny living cc from creator Pepperoni-Puffin, your Sims can now live inside an old truck. Yes, you heard it right!

Semi-Home Building Kit By Pepperoni-Puffin

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