The Best 25 Comfiest Carpet CC in TS4

Flooring is an essential part of a sim’s house. You can either use wood, tiles, or carpet. In this article, we are focusing on the best carpet custom content we have found. Using any of these is sure to make whatever sim’s room you are decorating pop.

You can get a plush carpet with design, a plush carpet design inverted, or just a plain plush carpet with no pattern.

Plush Carpet In 3 Designs With 14 Colours Each

While people have mixed opinions on royalty, you can’t deny how regal this looks! The Prince of Wales Style Carpet by Andracab is made with a prince of wales design.

Prince Of Wales Style Carpet Pattern

The Star Wars Carpet by Snaitf is a carpet that features characters from the popular media franchise. Some of these characters include the infamous Darth Vaders and the Stormtroopers.

Star Wars Carpet

Just by looking at it, you get a sense of how plush and soft it is. Your sim will feel like they are walking across literal clouds every time they step or walk across this carpet.

Fresh Loaf Carpet Set – 14 Colors (TS2 To TS4)

Where modern meets traditional! The 48 Traditional and Contemporary Rugs by Sionelle is the ultimate carpet set. It gives you 48 different swatches and costs only about 375 simoleans.

48 Traditional And Contemporary Rugs

The GuberLift Magic Carpet’ Recolor by LadySpira takes inspiration from the original carpet that was released from the Realm of Magic DLC.

GuberLift Magic Carpet’ Recolor By LadySpira

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