The Best 15 Brainy Lab Coat CC for TS4

There’s something special about seeing your sims dress up in professional attire. It gives them a sense of maturity and responsibility. If you’re looking for some new lab coats for your sims, check out this article.

The Scientist Palette is a recoloring for a comfortable coat by Melonsloth. You can see that the coat itself resembles a labcoat in a way, but is much fancier.

The Scientist Palette

The NHS Nurse Uniforms by Teknikah add to the scrubs you get in the Get to Work DLC. While these aren’t exactly lab coats, you can tell they have a similar style and are inspired by them.

NHS Nurse Uniform

The WW1 VAD Nurse Uniform by Dancemachinetrait gives your sims the to wear a lab coat-inspired outfit that will make them feel like they are a part of the history books.

WW1 Nurse Uniform

The Medieval/Plague Doctor Outfit by Kennetha_v goes even further back in history than the previous entry does! This lab-inspired outfit comes with a robe and a mask.

Plague Doctor Outfit

The Hospital Staff Outfits by ZitaRossouw is a set that comes with two creations. There is a lab coat outfit for doctors and other outfits for the rest of the hospital staff.

Hospital Staff Outfit

The Nurse and Doctor Set pictured here by ZitaRossouw is basically a recolor of the hospital staff outfits for female sims by Maxis Match.

Nurse And Doctor Outfits

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