The 15 Best Emotion-Inducing Mood Custom Content For TS4

Do you want to find some Mood Custom Content for Sims but you are unsure of where to start? If so, then this article about the best Mood custom content for TS4 is something you definitely want to check out.

Pregnant Sims can now show something other than happiness for their pregnancy buffs. If you think your pregnant Sim is more on the fine than the good side, this mod is for you!

Pregnancy Is Fine

The Low Hygiene is Embarrassing Mod makes your sim feel embarrassed rather than uncomfortable when they start to smell.

Low Hygiene Is Embarrassing

Sometimes there just isn’t a good time to tell a joke, but you want to tell it anyway and not have any problems. The Sims Can Tell Jokes Whenever Despite Mood Mod is the perfect solution to this issue.

Sims Can Tell Jokes Whenever

The Uncomfortable Overhaul Mod by RoBurky turns your Sim’s usual emotions on their head. One emotion can lead to your sim feeling another, which can lead to straight-up anger or sadness for example.

Uncomfortable Overhaul

The True Happiness Mod created by RoBurky lets your sim experience happiness in its own unique way. For one sim it might be a promotion or for another, it might just be talking to a friend.

True Happiness

The Emotional Inertia Classic lets a Sims mood have inertia. This basically makes moods less likely to easily change and can sometimes be quite an effort to shake off.

Emotional Inertia Classic

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