Stunning Chandelier CC To Level Up Your TS4 Home!

Looking for some fine chandeliers to enrich your Sims 4 home? Well, you’ll be happy to discover fine chandelier CC you can implement in the game immediately.

If you love complex chandeliers, this CC is designed for you. This one features glass sections that form a gorgeous vertical light, like those you can find in specialized light shops.

Mod Ceiling Lighting By MincSims

No matter if you are building a beachside home, or simply love incorporating bohemian details, this rattan lamp shade will bring a dose of light and style into any room.

Sedum Ceiling Lamp By WondyMoon

A luxury chandelier like this one is all a simmer needs to make a home a lavish paradise. It incorporates hundreds of glass pieces, merged to create a perfect home decor piece.

Highlights Chandelier By LeoSims

Looking for a chandelier for rich Sims? Look no further, as this regal design will instantly charm you.

Fontainebleau Chandelier Set By RegalSims

This living room set includes not only a stunning minimal chandelier, but also matching lights and furniture to complete the design.

Caine Living Room With Minimal Chandelier

Enter the survivor mode and design your interior like a real adventurer, by incorporating this candle chandelier CC into your building experience.

Jungle Adventure Lights

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