Stunning Boutique CC You Need To Try!

Do you love elegance, prestige, and shopping? If so, boutique CC is just what you need to give your Sims the lavish life they deserve. If this is your cup of tea, keep reading to discover the best shops for Sims that have exquisite taste!

This wedding boutique CC has all you need to get ready, plenty of elegant dresses, shoes, and accessories, a lounge area for those who came to offer support for the big day shopping, and huge mirrors to help them find the best fit.

”Something Blue” Bridal Boutique

Now celebrities can go shopping in peace, as this is a lot with an exclusive entrance that allows you to pick who is and who isn’t allowed in.

Fashion Factory By Plumbobgalore

Your Sims can now shop at the fanciest jewelry store. This community lot features three stores, two of which are boutiques: the jewelry store, and the wedding store.

North Square Boutique By Pxlplayground

These designer logo signs will help you create your very own boutique. The set includes big brand names like Hermes, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Valentino, and Ralph Lauren.

Luxury Brand Designer Logo Set

Paris is the ultimate capital of fashion and the hometown of many luxurious brands. So, why not place a Parisian-style boutique CC on your community lot?

Parisian Clothing Store

Vera Vang is the ultimate wedding dress guru, and now, thanks to this incredible boutique set, your Sims can visit one of VV’s stores!

Vera Vang Bridal Boutique Shop By SierraTheSimmer

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