25+ Elegant Slicked Back Hair CC You Need to Try

Slicked back hair is one of the most elegant options you can opt for. No matter if you are looking for an everyday look, or need something to make your Sims feel put together, keep reading to find the hottest slicked back hairdos available online!

Short and neatly cut hairstyles are never out of fashion. This look is available for all male Sims, from teens to elders.

”David” Hair Slicked Back Style

It’s time for Sims ladies to show up boldly and authentically! Now your ladies can look as cool as Tilda Swinton with this sophisticated, yet quirky hairstyle.

”Ahn” Hair By Syaovu

Do you love mystery and long slicked-back hair? Look no further, as these slicked back hair looks will fulfill your expectations. It is designed for all Sims of both genders, from teens to older.

Cassius Male & Female Hair

Now, this is something you have seen guys wear in real life. A short undercut with a swept-back top has never looked better.

Short Undercut Hair By Hoanglapsims

Sleep and swept, this sexy look is here to make your gentle truly stand out. It not only comes in natural hair colors but also includes a range of unnatural dyes, such as blue, pink, green, or red.

Sleek & Swept Hairdo By Peacemaker_ic

This fine slicked back hair is designed for the youngest masculines and textured so fine that you can easily see individual hairs.

Anto Tommy Slicked Back Hair For Kids And Toddlers

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