10 Teenager Mods for a More Interesting Adolescence!

Why do teens in the Sims 4 feel like just adults with less gameplay? That’s so boring! Fortunately there are a variety of teenager mods and other CC out there for players who want their teens to feel more like, well, teens!

It added content for “goth,” “thrasher,” and “socialite” teens with everything from clothing to decor to build content and really put a spotlight on the different styles teens have compared to older sims.

The Sims 4 Teen Style Stuff By Simsi45

The pack includes looks for “athlete,” “it girl,” and “punk kid” sims giving you even more ways to style your younger characters!

The Sims 4 Teen Style Stuff By Synth & Luumia

“Better” isn’t really the word we’d use, but this retexture overrides the acne details that came with Parenthood with more realistic and uh, detailed, looking pimples.

Better Zits By Thriftytrait

These traits are for teens only, and give them more personality separate from their older counterparts.

8 Pack Of Teen Exclusive Traits By Triplis

This bundle gives more aspirations for teen sims, because how many teenagers really know what they want out of life at that age?

Teen Aspirations Bundle By Ilkavelle

With this mod you can select up to 20 sims (that are currently on the lot) and age them all up at once, which comes in very handy if your sim has a lot of friends!

Let Friends Age Up By LittleMsSam

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