The Best CC for Adding Small Pets to the Sims 4!

Are you an animal lover that wants more pets in your game? Have you been searching for pet varieties that are apartment and tiny living friendly? Want more variety for your pet stores? We’ve got plenty of small pets CC to help you out.

With this mod you’ll now be able to name, talk to, and feed your amphibious friends, and you can even earn buffs for doing so!

Feed Your Pets: Feedable Frogs By IlexSims

If you want a desktop fish bowl that’s sleek and modern as opposed to the garish octagonal tanks in the base game, you’ll love the BiOrb aquariums!

BiOrb Aquariums By Around The Sims

If your sim can’t have pets or just likes birdwatching, a bird feeder will be their new fave. While Backyard Stuff came with a functional feeder, it has some garish colors and a giant bird decal affixed to it.

Simply Curvy Bird Feeder By Snowhaze

This chinchilla set features a large cage with multiple slots for inserting your deco chinchillas, which come in several poses and fur colors.

Chinchilla Cage By Plumbob Tea Society

This CC includes a core mod and several modules you can mix & match to your liking. The modules include Animal Preferences, which will allow you to add different critters to your sims’ Likes & Dislikes.

Paws & Claws By Chipped’s Creation Corner

A small pet tank with 10 new functional furry friends! Add a pet squirrel, chinchilla, guinea pig, bunny, ferret, sugar glider, degu, lemming, chipmunk or gerbil to your family!

Small Animal Package (Part 1) By TheKalino

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