Sims 4 Long Sleeve Dress CC That You Will Love

Sims 4 Long Sleeve Dresses are the perfect outfit for any occasion. They are so versatile that they can be styled according to your preferences including formal events, casual events and more!

No matter what you’re going for, this dress is for your character. They will be strolling through the Autumn colors wearing a bold plaid mini dress.

Long Sleeve Plaid Mini Dress

If you need a new outfit for your sims that is off the shoulder, you’ve come to the right place! We love this dress because it is elegant and chic at the same time.

Tallulah Dress By Sifix

Make sure your Sim is ready to take on the day. This adorable dress is perfect for those kiddos who want to share in your style this season! Wear it with a great pair of leggings for a fun, feminine look.⁣

Long Sleeve Striped Dress KID F For The Sims 4

Its an elegant, traditional and timeless piece that your sim can wear on any occasion. It is a perfect way to start an exploration of the game without having to spend hours on it.

Nimue Dress By Sifix

Feisty and fierce in the puff sleeve, this flattering silhouette is a must-have for your sims. This dress is great for going out or staying casual.


When fashion and function collide, this is the perfect example of a stylish, fashionable and functional dress! Your character will definitely be above and beyond the rest.

Desiree Dress By Sifix

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