10+ Invisible Crib Mods to Spruce Up Your Nursery!

An invisible crib mod basically does what it says on the tin, and makes the default base game bassinet into an invisible crib. Infants will still function like they should but they will appear to be floating in the air if you don’t have any other cribs in place!

It comes in 4 swatches which include 3 invisible cribs with a teddy bear anchor (to make it easier to find/grab) and one that has nothing at all, making it totally invisible.

Martine’s Invisible Crib Mod

This mod also comes with several swatches that include anchor points, although when testing in my own game the anchor points didn’t show.

Invisible Crib DEFAULT By Severinka

If you’re playing a prehistory, homeless, rags to riches, or other challenge that calls for a less…refined “crib” to place your infants, you will like these beds!

Cradle In A Tree & Cradle On A Stone By AroundTheSims

This crib comes in wood, black, and white tones with 5 different mattress swatches, and includes other accessories such as a crib blanket and pillow.

Heyden Nursery Crib By Michelleab

This crib is highly-detailed with pillows, bumpers, and a cute plush heart garland tied to the front.

Nursery Purple Hearts Crib By Pink Baddie

This set comes with a variety of items for decorating a nursery, including a crib in 4 swatches, a hanging blanket in 8 swatches, and a crib curtain in 10 swatches.

Helios Nursery By Syboulette

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