Romantic Sims 4 Flower Crown CC You’ll Love Wearing

There are very few hair details that can transform a hairstyle into something magical as much as flower crown CC can. If flowers in your hair are something you are up for, keep reading to find the most stunning floral hair details for Sims 4!

This flower crown brings Woodstock and the late 60’s era to your favorite game. Unisex, and suitable for all Sims, from teens to elders, this piece will make your Sims feel like they’re in one of Lana Del Rey’s videos.

”Connie’s Flowers” Unisex Flower Crown

It will give your Sims almost an elven, magical look, and is a perfect fit for weddings and special occasions. Your Sims ladies have never looked this dreamy.

S-Club Floral Wedding Headwear

This amazing succulent gown is a unisex hair decoration that needs to become part of your hat and hairpieces collection. The crown includes 10 swatches, including shades of blues, greens, and purples.

”Queen Of Summer” Succulent Crown

Thanks to this gorgeous design, toddlers can enjoy looking pretty in flower crown CC, too. These are converted from adult hairpieces to fit the little ones perfectly.

Unisex Flower Crown For Toddlers

These flowers look like they are handpicked. You can get these flowers as part of a whole festival look, including the hair and makeup.

Festival Girl By Moongalaxysims

This set of floral designs is a perfect fit for the buns they come with. The whole hairstyle is romantic, classic, yet modern.

Punani Hair With Floral Details By FeralPodles

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