Sims 4 Disabilities: Disabled Representation in The Sims 4!

We have gathered a list of Sims 4 disabilities CC with the hope that more players can see themselves represented in their games.

Partial or full vision loss can happen for a variety of reasons, and this overlay will allow you to represent some of that in your sims game.

Blind Eye Overlays By Teanmoon

A collection of damaged & clouded-over eyes as well as an eyepatch for either eye.

Broken Eyes & Eyepatch By C-Cerebus-Sims-S

A preset with one closed eye for use behind an eyepatch, though if you don’t mind occasional clipping it’s fine without as well.

Closed Eye Preset By Gengar Used Lick

This cane accessory can be found in the rings category and is a must for any sim with partial or full vision loss to help them navigate the world around them.

White Cane By Studio K Creation

A slightly different cane accessory, this time with a marshmallow tip, for children and adults. Also included is a pack of 7 poses for each age.

White Cane & Poses By TNS-TS4

This hearing aid will sit on both ears of your toddler sims and is compatible with all genders and species.

Hearing Aid Toddler Both Side Accessory By EvilQuinzel

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