Coconut: The Hairy Harvestable Of The Sims 4

Modders have expanded the usability of the coconut by adding more versions, consumables, and other interesting CC that shines a spotlight on this overlooked overhead fruit.

Starting off with some functional content, here are two new tropical drinks for your sims to enjoy! While you need a bar to make these drinks, they are considered non-juice/non-alcoholic so they can be consumed by children as well.

Tropical Drinks By OhMySims

Plant, grow, and harvest a fresh snack that can be carved out and eaten, or poke a straw into one and drink the refreshing coconut water directly from the source!

Harvestable Coconut By Icemunmun

Whether your sims are managing their own grocery or just really like having them on hand, this deco wooden crate of coconuts will add some welcome atmosphere.

Grocery Store – Coconuts Box By Severinka

This decorative island drink will add a touch of tropical whimsy to your builds and photo shoots; as you can see, there are a variety of sizes and styles for more realism.

Tropics Bar – Coconut Drink Decor By SIMcredible!

This fancy drink is part of a CC Stuff pack themed around summer items. It’s similar to the previously linked coconut drinks, but this one has a straw!

Summer Stroll – Coconut Cocktail By Synth X Lumia

Base game compatible and available in 3 metal finishes, they will accent any swimsuit or summer outfit your sim can think of.

Coconut Cocktail Earrings By Alexaarr

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