Sims 4 Basketball Jersey CC You Need to Have

In Sims, there is nothing that speaks passion for sports more than a pair of comfy shorts, leggings, and of course – a jersey shirt of your favorite team. Luckily, many content creators have given us the joy of adding some extra jerseys to our Sims wardrobes.

Men of Sims can now look like real NBA fans, with these awesome Lakers and Chicago Bulls tees.

Sims 4 Layered Jersey M By Nitropanic

Speaking of layered outfits, we need something cool for Sims ladies, too! This CC features a long sleeve turtleneck in white black and yellow and an oversized basketball jersey tee-shirt that fits like a dress.

Sims 4 Basketball Uniform Dress By Rimmings

Made for male Sims, this basketball uniform includes a jersey and matching shorts. It will make your Sims guys look like real sports buffs for sure.

Jersey Basketball Uniform At Gorilla For Sims 4

Looking for high school sports uniforms? If that is so, I am sure that these school basketball jerseys looks won’t fail you.

Berry Basketball Jerseys For Sims 4 School Colors

Great jersey pieces are not only reserved for popular NBA teams. Here comes yet another incredible uniform with a Sims 4 basketball jersey.

Sims 4 Kuroko No Basket Uniforms – Jerseys And Shorts

Let’s not forget our youngest. This set of baggy Sims 4 jerseys for kids will not only make kids look stylish, but also help them embrace their passion for basketball or dress like their role models.

Sims 4 Kids Unisex Jerseys By NitroPanic

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