Beautify Your Home With Practical Shelf CC For Sims 4!

Do you ever wish you had some extra shelves? Shelf CC allows you to get super creative with home design and mix things up a little when designing a home.

Sometimes a simple design is all it takes to modernize the room. This aesthetic shelf comes with ten amazing swatches with decorative clutter and a few colors to play with.

Chic Shelf By BarbaraSims

An urban design like this one is so worthy of admiration! Perfect for Sims who love designer furniture and sturdy pieces, this one blends heavy rustic wood and metal bars and will level up your space in a big style.

Partition Bookshelf By Nordica-Sims

If you like their home decor, you will surely like this diamond shelf! This one is a simple, but effective piece, ideal for when you feel like ”something is missing” decor-wise, but can’t pinpoint what.

Urban Outfitters Diamond Shelf By Sunkissedlilacs

Shelves are not only reserved for books. Sometimes, they are simply a nice addition to the interior, and this one proves it. This one is a great asset and improves the overall vibe of the room.

Shoreditch Picture Shelf By BloomingRosy

Practical and cute, this shelf will knock your socks off! This one is a multi-purpose gem and can look gorgeous both in the kid’s room, living room, or even a pantry.

Tier Wire Shelf By Hydrangea

This decorative shelf is a little, powerful addition to your rooms or the porch. It is ideal for plant lovers, and those who appreciate fine details in life.

Hanging Shelf Plant

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