14 Striking Plus Size Pose Packs for Big & Beautiful Sims

Are you tired of your plus size sims having their arms & hands swallowed up by curves when trying to pose them in-game? These CC creators have your back with a variety of plus size pose packs!

Katverse has created multiple pose packs tailored for bigger sims, in a variety of different styles.

Pose Pack 39 By Katverse

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and love yourself. These are 6 in-game poses for a sweet plus size sim who’s really feelin’ themselves today.

A Lil Selflove Pose Pack By Simpeachie

A set of 20 poses inspired by the iconic Lizzo with options for standing up, for use with chairs, and for use with double beds.

Plus Size Models Poses By Madebycoffee

This set of 4 poses includes a basic walking position and 3 more fashionable stances for bootylicious babes who want to strike a pose!

Plus Size Pose 01 By Aubsims

20 poses in a range of voluptuous vibes, from catwalk strutting to shy side-eyes, for in-game and CAS use.

Big Size Poses 01 By Helgatisha

This 10 pose collection for use in-game and CAS features some cute & excited poses for your chubby queens. I love how expressive the sim is with her body!

Plus Size Model Poses By SamsSims

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