Hot & Stylish Bratz CC Finds For TS4 You’ll Love!

Bratz dolls were an important part of a whole generation growing up. These fashionable angels were known for their style, luscious makeup, and hair. Now, thanks to CC creators, we can play with Sims 4 replicas of Bratz clothes, accessories, and furniture.

A Bratz room is a must for any Sims with good taste. This pink heaven has all you need to spice up your interior with key details: a vanity area to doll up with a selfie ring and all the clutter essentials.

Bratz Glam Vanity Room By LaSkrillz

Real Bratz angels can always recognize fine aesthetics. Now you can enjoy the beauty of aesthetic Bratz posters that are totally in alignment with their incredible taste.

Bratz Wall Art

Decorate your room like a real doll would, and add these gorgeous details to your interior! This set includes stickers, blankets, rugs, and pillows, all with more than five swatches to play with.

Bratz Bedroom Decor

Sometimes you just need fancy wallpaper to create a theme for the room. This Bratz CC brings devilish energy into your space, but in a cute way!

Bratz Wall Paper By LaSkrillz

If you love posters and Bratz, this set of throwback posters is made for you. There are 11 of them, and some are the real ones that were featured in magazines a few years ago.

Bratz Y2K Posters

Inspired by the nineties, besides the Bratz logo, you’ll also get some other iconic 90’s prints, such as Britney Spears or Friends. It’s girly, it’s comfy and your ladies will love it.

Oversize Bratz T-Shirt

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