The Best Functional CC to Elevate your TS4 Gameplay!

Functional CC, in a straightforward sense, is an object in the game which could be utilized by Sims to add value to their lives. Gadgets, appliances, and tools are examples of this.

With intricately designed kites such as the Fish, Bird, Butterfly, Pentagon, and Diamond Kites, this activity will surely provide endless fun and increase the fitness, motor, and locomotive skills of adults, children, and toddlers.

Flying Kites By Ozzy & Mariam

These functional mailboxes could be attached to the wall, next to the doorway of your Sims’ residence. The functional CC comes in 28 bright and beautiful swatches.

Functional Mailbox By Bluebell

With this CC pack, your Sims can fry 21 delectable recipes such as Squid Rings, Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, and more. Another fascinating thing is that Sims can choose which oil to fry with!

Deep Fryer By Rex

Whatever the weather, every sim loves a good cup of tea! Having morning or afternoon tea time can be beneficial for filling their spirits and energizing them for a new activity.

Teapot By Plasticbox

Did you love swinging a yoyo around when you were young? Let your sims experience the fun of it too by incorporating this yoyo CC in the game, launched by aforementioned creators Ozzy & Mariam!

Yoyo By Ozzy & Mariam

This functional CC is a cute little addition to your Sim’s laundry activity! CC creator Littledica created tidy pods as decor items, then, Diabolicalsims made these tidy pods functional.

Laundry Additives By Diabolicalsims

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