Fascinating Sims 4 Living Room Ideas (No CC)

May we present 10 excellent Sims 4 living room ideas found in the Sims 4 gallery, that will inspire the builder in you to broaden your horizons! Now, let us have a look at them, shall we?

This room features objects from the Sims 4 packs: Cottage Living, University, Get Famous, Seasons, Dine Out, and Tiny Living. We really love the rustic, yet modern feel of this living space.

NYC Loft Style Living Room – JULIA06022

The room features the Sims 4 packs: Cottage Living, Snowy Escape, Eco Lifestyle, Get Together, Tiny Living, Dine Out, Nifty knitting, Moschino, Toddler Stuff, and Blooming Rooms Kit, and lastly, the Holiday Pack.

Fresh & Fancy Living Room – CZAEL83

We are living for the teal wallpaper and the cozy nook with the L-shaped couch. The whole room just screams old, haunted mansion/townhouse, something we did not know we needed!

Gothic Meets Country Living Room – BUBBLYORE

We adore the warm wood tones and green color scheme. There is a nice balance between magic and cottage in this room – which we are here for.

Realm Of Magic Living Room – RAGNAROKZ3R0

Coastal living rooms style is actually one of our favorite living room ideas in the Sims 4. But for whatever reason, we just never think of building in this style. So, seeing the living room created by MORIMEME certainly brings us much-needed inspiration.

Coastal Themed Living Room – MORIMEME

Our favorite parts of this room are the hanging plants in front of the window, followed by the little shelving unit with the TV on it.

Very White, Modern Living Room – YOLLYDOLLY

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