Celebrating 25 Years in the Wasteland with Fallout CC for the Sims!

In honor of Fallout’s 25th birthday, we’re sharing 25 of the best pieces of Fallout CC for you to add to your game!

The quintessential look of any Vault Dweller: a Vault Suit and a matching Pip-Boy. Classic pieces that appear in every Fallout game, though their looks vary from place to place (and game to game).

Vault Suits And Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV By PlazaSims

I’m very appreciative of how subtle and realistic these scars look, as a lot of the vanilla Sims game scars are incredibly cartoony.

Fallout 4 Scars By Yakfarm

A half-human noir gumshoe stuck living 2 lives in 2 different times, Nick’s proven to be a popular character to try emulating in the Sims 4. A unique feature of synths like him are their glowing yellow eyes, and Gen-Sim perfectly recreated them for our games.

Synth Eyes By Gen-Sim

Hancock is another incredibly popular character from Fallout 4. A ghoul-turned-mayor, he runs the city of Goodneighbor in what once was downtown Boston.

Hancock (Clothes, Skin Detail, & Sim) By RemusSims

This Fallout custom content collection includes clean and dirty jumpsuits in 4 Nuka Cola variants and would look great on any Lone Wanderer, Courier, Sole Survivor, or evicted Vault Dweller.

Nuka Cola Jumpsuits By WastelandWhisperer

Inspired by the “house of tomorrow” concepts popular in the early-to-mid 20th century, this sim-ified version does a fantastic job of replicating the Fallout 4 starting location using in-game assets.

Retro Home Of Tomorrow From Fallout 4 By Madam_Hyjinks

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