Exterior Walls CC For Home Design You Will Love

Need something new for your home facade? When building Sims 4 homes, exterior walls CC can come in handy, particularly when you are inspired by real-life architecture.

If unsure what facade to ick, neutrals are always an option! This set includes seamless concrete walls and different textures, from softer to rough surfaces.

Seamless Concrete Wall Pack Vol.2 By Simspirationbuilds

Wood panels are a great choice for many building styles. This set offers 7 distinct plank variations and colors. You can use them for the whole exterior or just specific parts, such as the balcony or entryway.

Wood Wintertime Wall Set

If brick facades are your thing, this brick will help you get creative with exteriors. These will help you recreate various styles, from Scottland’s brick buildings to southern yellow brick homes.

Wallpaper #33 By Sims4luxury

Now you can pack your things and move to Ibiza in Sims 4, thanks to this lovely Mediterranean-inspired setting. There are nine facades in the set, all of which are light, textured, and HQ.

Ibiza Outdoor By Minerva

A little montage house needs a facade like this as much as any big mansion does. These walls are a blend of stone and solid walls and are perfect facade choices for the ground floor.

Stone & Solid Color Walls By DescargasSims

This set of textured walls allows you to create simplistic, yet neat exteriors, which makes them great for blending with complex windows, doors, or roofs.

Solid Textured Walls By Lustrousims

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